Bel Canto Lyrics

Bel Canto is a band which was formed in 1986 in
Tromsø, Norway. (Bel Canto is also a kind of opera
and in Italian Bel Canto means "beautiful song".) Bel Canto
is now one of the most famous Norwegian bands. They play
intelligent, atmospheric and beautiful kind of music in the
alternative pop genre. They have (March 8th) received
awards that proves that Bel Canto is the best Norwegian
music group.

In the beginning the music was only made by synthesizers,
but in recent years, they have used acoustic instruments
more frequently. More...

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Singing the Dance of Hot Glass: Voice of the Spirit Incarnate. | Reviewer: Rev. Charlene Mann (ULC)
    ------ About the song The glassmaker performed by Bel Canto


The making of glass is one of the most ancient triumphs of pyrotechnology and vitrification - the science of combustion and the craft of materials fusion. Pure white sand intimately blended with desert natron and water-slaked lime combine under intense white heat to produce in their fusion the "Real Solid Liquid" that is glass today, exactly as from the beginning, same as it ever was.

The now-ancient inhabitants of the Land of Israel kept well the secrets of the regenerative furnace geometry that produced the searing heat needed for fusion. It was their "Toll Position" in the marketplace of the day, you see. Some few such production sites once flourished in ancient Israel, Back in the Day when the Negev Desert was still the Negev Forest. Farmers at the plough still todat regularly unearth shards and bits of furnace structure from their cultivated lands.

The Holy Community of Beth Shearim was one such industrial site, awesome even today for its remaining nine-ton slab of semi-crystallized glass hidden away in the cave where Kurinsky and some few others do assert that the beloved Holy Master of the last generation of that industrial community is interred - with his grave permanently sealed against all disturbance of his holy slumber by that very slab.

The Corning account on the Web site is more prosaic, but no less impressive. Kurinsky and Brill may differ in their points of opinion - but that eighteen-inch-thick vitrified slab is still in place, 1600 years post-production, and cannot be gainsaid away at all.

Day and night the furnace roared, consuming ton upon ton of seasoned fire-wood while the fire-tenders and glass-gatherers (all holy men of fair-to-excellent gnostic understanding, that being the accepted standard of the day for fully functional adult human consciousness) applied themselves to the production of that syrup of sand, that jewel-like man-made material that sold so profitably well down Egypt's way.

The Egyptians of the day did not understand the regenerative flow that made the product possible until the "Hyksos Kings" rode in from the desert and overtook their homeland for maybe 200 years or so. They could, however, immediately re-melt a twenty-pound glass ingot or three and fashion lovely, useful mundane and votive objects from the imported raw material at a lower but much more readily available temperature.

The love/hate relationship between Israel and Egypt is intensely legendary, reaching even beyond Biblical scope. Much of this rivalry has to do with fire and the technology of Spirit that is today dismissed as "Magic". The rise of this dismissively sophisticated cultural shift is a study in its own right. But today we are holy children of Israel, and there is this glass, orange-hot now and ready for tapping from the great limestone tank. Are you now ready? GOOD!

So approach the inferno with respect. Feel the heat and do not fear the fire. Make your necessary move - and dance away quick before the beard is singed! Trust the Holy Eternal One (blessed be He!) at all times as you work your shift. Enjoy Life!

Focus and move correctly, and you shall be blessed with long life and fine health while you make glass and then eat well. Wander in your mind even one little bit while at work and you could die in agony while on the job. One false move, Sonny-boy, and you shall surely have for yourself at least a portion of pain for your dinner, and perhaps even make some more pain for others if you move really badly.

But wait a little, while your burns heal and the others who are still able to continue in the dance carry on in your stead, day and night with no ceasing. You could try again at the glory-hole should the Holy Master consent once your blisters have gone down somewhat.

Or maybe you shall feed the fire for a season instead. Feeding the fire is important work too. Um, how are you with the axe? Can you drive an ox-cart? Are you hungry today?

Hot glass waits for no man. One must dance with it on its own terms - not yours - while the heat is Just Right. Do so, and the Thing of Beauty that you produce is for your joy forever. Muff the timing, blow the move - even only one little move, Bubbilah - and you shall remain an apprentice to the Holy Master of the Works until you either harm yourself beyond all help, or else at last learn your holy craft so well that both the Holy Master and /his/ Master of All Masters are well pleased.

Only then shall you be fully respected among glassmaking men, for then you, too, shall at last have become a Glassmaker in your own right.

Knowing these things in advance of the hearing, it is relatively simple if not actually easy for the first-time hearer of this Bel Canto masterpiece to immediately enjoy (if not entirely understand) the ecstatic, soaring melody and odd-sounding lyrics of this magnum opus of Spirited melodic expression, "The Glassmaker". To this day, we who find kinship with Spirit through this means are noted and treasured for the mysterious skill that drives our production. We who do such things do tend even today to credit Holy Eternal Creator with this Gift.

Bel Canto has captured the essence of that dynamic Gift in song. Let this song live in our hearts and in Heaven forever! I hearken to it myself while working in my own production shop. Sometimes I spin it up first folllowing morning devotions and before putting the day's first glass into the fire. Many years following my first hearing, my own voice and vision have truly found their standard.

There are not so many songs of such things and the people who embody them on Earth. Sometimes on such a day as this I am able to hit the High Note - and (for so it is experienced at such times) even to consciously touch my own glass with the Hand of God as I work.

Gentle Reader, kindly do accept that I do believe the experience of my own consciousness in this regard far more readily than I am able to accept the opinions of the agnostics and atheists who circle, not unlike predators upon the Soul, all about us. None can harm those of us for whom His goodness has become our only touchstone and the center of our being. Besides, there is this music!

Um, how's your alchemy today? Um, wanna dance even better than the Devil while wearing the wings of our holy angels? Um, ya got'cher mind right these days? Well then, come on!

So cue up that track and amp up the volume. Smell the smoke. Now feel the heat. Now see the Light. Now abandon Earth-bound fear and reservation forever. Give it up and know the Mind of Creator. (Yes you CAN do that!) Nevermind the Hebrew lyric text if you do not happen to be born to or schooled in the holy Hebrew tongue. Now for the love of Holy God and Life Eternal, DANCE!

Your fingers shall not be burned. You shall dance with our God and not stumble, only you should dance so true as this ancient dance of hot glass must be danced. Such a dance could go forever. You will surely take part and be glad.

Namaste. Shalom. This work is Love for us who do so love. Godspeed!

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