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Bel Canto Biography

Last updated: 07/04/2001 02:29:18 AM

Bel Canto is a band which was formed in 1986 in Tromsø, Norway. (Bel Canto is also a kind of opera and in Italian Bel Canto means "beautiful song".) Bel Canto is now one of the most famous Norwegian bands. They play intelligent, atmospheric and beautiful kind of music in the alternative pop genre. They have (March 8th) received awards that proves that Bel Canto is the best Norwegian music group.

In the beginning the music was only made by synthesizers, but in recent years, they have used acoustic instruments more frequently. Anneli M. Drecker sings and plays keyboards and Nils Johansen is the "genious" and plays violin, guitar, mandoline, flute synthesizer etc. Anneli's voice is God's gift to humans.