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OutKast Behold a Lady Lyrics

Last updated: 01/20/2010 10:00:00 AM

Sophisti-funk {?}, aristo-cats
Distinguished stars, clean up your acts
Pull up your pants, ladies and gents
Please, act like you got some sense
You know what I really wanna know?
Where do all the good girls go?
What club they hang at?

Behold a lady
I see you standin' on the wall
Clap, clap... you deserve it all [Repeat]
[Ad libs]
Candy-coated unicorns are quite hard to find
The classic lady, a rare breed indeed
Is that make and model discontinued?

[Verse 1]
Today I might snow, tomorrow I'll rain
3000's always changing but you stay the same
And I need that, hey I need that (in my life)
When I feel washed up and inadequate
And throw all my songs away, no matter how mad I get
You make me smile, you make me smile
You make me smile, you make me... (Hoooooooo!)
You're the anchor that holds me down
When my ship is sinking
You won't let me drown and I'm grateful
(Awwaww Awwawwawwawwawwwwawww!)


[Verse 2]
Yo' mama's old fashioned(fashioned), yo' daddy don't play(don't play)
You'll always be this lovely
'Cause they raised you that way
Hallelujah! Thank ya Jesus! Thank ya Lord!
Thank ya Jesus! Thank ya Lord!
Thank ya Jesus! Thank ya Lord!
You're not extra extra, you're so plain Jane
The yin to my yang, darlin'
You've got that thang and you know it
But yet you dont(But yet you don't and that's what's so cool)
You don't say too much, but when you do it's profound
In the street you hold your head high
At home you get low down for me
(Can't get no lower, can't get no lower, can't get no lower, yeah!)
Hooo! You're the anchor that holds me down
When my ship is sinking, you won't let me drown (Aaaaaaahh!)
(Ad libs)
Sad, but one day our kids will have to visit museums
To see what a lady looks like
So if you find one, I beg of you, hold her tight
Yes, if you spot one, good sir, treat her right
Benjamin Andre signing off
Thanks a million
Good luck and goodnight

[Chorus 2x]

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Good song | Reviewer: LawsonATL | 1/20/10

I think he is talking bout what he wants in a woman. He wants a woman with good morals and standards and not a skeezer off the street. He is also saying that it's hard to find a classic woman with standards, so if you find one, dont take her for granted.

True to the word. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/05

For the men of OutKast I say, "Bravo". You have captured the meaning of a true Lady. Now lets hope that the men who do listen to your music will understand that even though this is a rare thing to find, once you do..You better treat her good..Thank you Gentlemen for recognizing something that most men ignore. Keep up the good work. You have a music that is unique and bold.

Behold a Lady | Reviewer: Elizabeth Scott | 9/12/04

This is a great song becuase you don't normally hear idiot men saying such nice things about women. All they normally care about is their booty or their body or the sex or something. I thing this i a really mature song