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Rise Against Behind Closed Doors Lyrics

Last updated: 10/20/2012 01:41:41 PM

Chairs thrown and tables toppled,
Hands armed with broken bottles,
Standing no chance to win but,
We're not running, we're not running.

There's a point I think we're missing,
It's in the air we raise our fists in,
In the smiles we cast each other,
My sister, my brother.

About the time we gave up hoping
We'd ever find these locks still open,
Stumbling on stones unturned,
The hurt we feel, we all have earned.

The lines we cross in search of change,
But all they see is treason.

Although we have no obligation to stay alive
On broken backs we beg for mercy, we will survive
(Break out) I won't be left here
Behind closed doors.

Bonfires burn like beacons,
Guiding the lost and weakened.
Flames dance on crashing waves,
Guiding ships who've gone astray

Time out, let's stop and think this through,
We've all got better things to do,
Than talk in circles, run in place,
Answers {are} inches from our face.

Although we have no obligation to stay alive
On broken backs we beg for mercy, we will survive
(Break out) I won't be left here
Behind closed doors.

Black eyes, broken fingers,
Blood drips and I let it run
Down my lips into my swollen gums.
When hope is non-existent,
Our instincts all scream "Run",
We never turn our backs or even bite our tongues.

Although we have no obligation to stay alive
On broken backs we beg for mercy, we will survive
(Break out) I won't be left here
Behind closed doors.

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More than awesomeness! | Reviewer: Arnaud | 10/20/12

If there is ONE band love as much as Furyon,it's Rise Against,their lyrics are the best I never heard,the music is completely awesome for all instruments and finally,the singer has a holy voice! ^^

confusion, yet understanding. | Reviewer: Ellie | 12/28/11

I have know idea how emo's came into these reviews... but whatever. I'veloved Rise Against ever since my best friend made me listen to "Prayer of a Refugee" the band is amazing; i love every song.

AWESOME SONG | Reviewer: Dylan | 9/8/11

its about the search for the truth (behind closed doors, stones unturned etc) most ppl juts live their lives not caring about the truth but they want to break out of the hold and they arent afraid to fight for the truth, may refer to the govt (nearly all their songs do) hence the name rise against

Opinion | Reviewer: Nobody | 6/26/11

I think this song talks about activism or something like that. The few first lyrics had me imagining a group of people ready to fight. At first I imagined they were trying to defeat another group made up from gangsters but when I come to the verse "The lines we cross in search of change, but all they see is treason", it made me think of people rebelling against the government and fighting for their rights. The government would see it as a bad thing and send the ploice out, threatening these people back instead of taking actions to appease them.

The chorus could mean that whatever happens, they're gonna get through this and they won't accept a NO. The next verses could mean that they are rallying many others to join the cause and that it's time to do something real than just protest and talk about it. The bridge, to me, clearly shows that they're bruised and hurt (probably from fighting with the police and all that) but they are not backing down.

All in all, this song has a strong message and a powerful spirit. Meanings vary to different people, but this is what I'd like to see the song as: an anthem for the trodden and the wronged. This song rocks. :)

wow!!! its not jst amazing its awesome | Reviewer: dev | 4/14/11

its the best song i've ever heard from this band after long forgotten sons...
lyrics are damn good,have a real hidden meaning is there in each line...
i just love this song...i enjoy it every time when i listen it... :-)

Amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/11

It's be a million years (relatively) since this song was released. But I am going back to my roots. This song is an anthem, and they're so liberating that it makes you want to stand up and fight. Not only for your rights, but your beliefs and fight for others too.

Such a good song :)

Projection | Reviewer: Lartuen Vitaler | 11/5/10

Both of you the emos and the others are victims of projection.
You believe you can handle your problems, because some cannot. It's just the relativity to them that make you feel so strong.
But the emos also express some kind of strongness - in making their feelings public. That's a strongness most people do not unterstand as one. But it is.

In consequence both of you are weak - and strong.
But life - in consequence of relativity - is never balanced. There are always the extremes and downs.
And the only way to be happy is to turn your downs to extremes - your extremes to downs.

Best regards,


Many people are mistaken here. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/10

This song is not about torture, or the fucking holocaust or any of that shit.
It's about growing up/living in a fucked-up place where violence isn't necessary, but it's a way of life.
Like in the hood in L.A, you can't back down, even if you know you're going to lose. I'm a teenager, and I listen to this song because it's a stark contrast to the, unfortunately, popular giving up theme that mainstream music is dominated by these days.
Bring back the masculinity, bring back strength, bring back honour!

a | Reviewer: anti-rap | 7/17/10

I love songs with meaning. As others have stated, the problem with most rap and mainstream music for that matter is that they have no beneficial interest to the listerner other than stupid shit. Fuck rap. We've heard your lame as stories about how dope and hard you are. Come on, really? At 95 lbs you don't stand a chance one on one. Posers!

Hmm. | Reviewer: :/ | 5/31/10

This song hits me, hits me hard. Ive had hard times in life so bad to the point of being admited to a hospital for attempted suicide. This is a song to me that tells to stand up for what you beleive in, dont hold in your anger. I did. And ended up almost dead. I held it all bottled up inside. Don't run away from something. Its gonna follow you. Fight it. Stop running. Start Beleiving. Stop hiding. Start Fighting.

Reply... | Reviewer: Frank Sinatra | 5/11/10

Yeah, well, to the guy who said they never sing about things they have lost, you have clearly never heard one of their more famous songs, Paper Wings. That song is clearly about a chick. LOL.

Not flaming, I think Rise Against are the Kings of music. Rock the fuck on!

Truth | Reviewer: Vicerye | 4/1/10

It's not that we hate emos, but people who go around saying they cut themselves should do one of two things, 1)they can opennly admit it so they should get help or 2)do it so the rest of us who have rough times don't have to listen to them whine about it. Grow up people if ya have a problem don't bitch and complain cause the answer wont just show up on a silver plater, fix it yourself or shut up.

seashell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/10

to the person who was saying bad shit about "emos". its because of people like you that they do what they do. it pisses me off when people say things like that. i respect your opinion that "emo" music is bad, but you don't have to mock people who are actually depressed enough to cut themselves. can you imagine what they must be going through? cutting ends in suicide a lot of the time. just think before you say things like that, please.

Best song, ever. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/10

My meaning is these guys telling people not to back down and to stand up for what you believe in. It reminds me of historic events like the American revolution or slavery or the holocaust which we've all done or have been doing in great detail In school. This song is by far one of my favorites.

Rap is meaningless shit? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/10

I agree with that in like half of occasions but a lot of rap music is about social issues. I have always listened rap but now I have found Rise Against. Awesome music with great lyrics like this song. I always get awesome feeling when I listen this.