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Offspring Beheaded Lyrics

Last updated: 07/13/2009 11:00:00 AM

Mommy doesn't have her head anymore
Keep it underneath my bed on the floor
That's alright though
That's ok
She never really used her head anyway

Daddy called me a silly bore
Bet he wont say that anymore
Because the way his body's severed in two
His vocal chords are gonna be hard to use

Watch you spurt like a garden hose
Bloody mess all over my clothes

Watch my girlfriend come to the door
Chop off her head, she falls to the floor
Watching my baby's jugular flow
Really makes my motor go

Wrap a towel around the bloody stump
Take my baby's body to the city dump
Then wipe the mess off the bloody axe
Scoop all the heads in my burlap sack


All my collection
Adorns my rooms on bamboo poles
Used to be a little
But a little got more and more
Now I'm craving yours

Night brings bad dreams
Bad dreams and guillotines

Off with her head

Find another victim for my machine
Put him in a homemade guillotine
Blade falls, gonna need a casket
Watch the head plop in a wicker basket

Leave the house at a quarter to four
Come back with sixteen or more
Cause the more I want, the more I see
Got a funny feeling coming over me

Thanks to Duke for submitting Beheaded Lyrics.

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Idol Hands | Reviewer: jayers | 1/5/2008

This song is great fast and funny plus everytime i hear it i just think of the movie Idol Hands great movie with Seth Green and the very very very sexy Jessica Alba (think it was her first film) but it also has the offspring in the movie and they get killed in an awesome way. If you havent seen it i suggest you buy it NOW!!!

ha ha, funny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/2005

thats a very fast and funny song, i mean "bloody stump" :P it reminds me of the milkman flash cartoon....kinda.........