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Evans Blue Beg Lyrics

Last updated: 11/10/2011 10:00:00 AM

There's a lit cigarette:in the hand of my new angel
she's blowing smoke like halos, and now everybody wants her
but I shouldn't even bother
because you made me so complete dear, but you left me so alone here
hang a noose for my new sinner somewhere everyone can see it

won't you beg me and then tell me how to love you
like anybody else would
I know you're risking failure (risking failure)
go run for cover (for how long)
you better start to love her so much you're moving on and on

now there's a whole wide world...that wants to know
have cheap hotels lost their turn-on? she's bathing in the neon
and she's polluting all the airways while I'm passed out in the hallway
and you left me so in love here, you left with so much hate dear
was I creating only chaos-this world lives just fine without us:won't you?

beg me and then tell me how to love you
like anybody else would
I know you're risking failure (risking failure)
go run for cover (for how long)
you better start love her so much you're moving on and on

will it change your life if I change my mind?
when she's lit the whole wide world
I want to know if you will beg me and then tell me how to love you
like anybody else would
I know you're risking failure, (risking failure) but I'd hope you set your levels (for how long)
so you can run for cover
you better start to love her
now are we this pathetic? you made me finally see it
(will it change your life when I change my mind, will it change your mind when I change my life)

go run for cover
you better fucking love her so much you're moving on
I'm so pathetic, you made me finally see it
got what you want? I'm gone

for how long? for how long? for how long will it change your life?

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no ones know, only kevin but... | Reviewer: maggie sparrow | 11/9/11

...the first time i heard this song, i thought he was talking 'bout a prostitute...
However, i been listening to this lyrics over and over and i now know that it is not...
plis tell us!...

This is..... | Reviewer: Lauren | 9/24/11

Usually i can read old reviews and then set mine apart, but really we're seeing the same view for this song. I don't know how to place mine differently. I like the theory of it being about Kevin and who he loved, but how would i put that in my own words after someone put it perfectly? I think maybe, this song is never meant to have more than a few theories. And they have all been done and said with perfection. Being 11, i am picky about music. But truly, this song is good. My variety consists of only alternative music and a few others. Nothing from Justin Beiber, trust me. I wrote a review on how retarded his music was. The album was something like my world. I don't know how people listen to him.

Sorrow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/10

I feel as if you could hear and feel the disappointment and frustration that runs within his voice. Also, it's obvious it has to do with an ex love, finding himself to want her to beg for what they used to be. Confusing :/

i think.... | Reviewer: greenlefty | 3/22/10

i think it's all about this one girl who he's had before seems to be always new and yet she always leaves him but comes for 1 thing like in the end "you got what you want and now i'm gone but for how long" and also he's like saying she's reaching failure because maybe he's not the type of guy she is suppose to be with to the public and also he's like beg me as if she needs to beg for another time/night with him but then she tells him how she wants to be loved for that moment and the part where he's like you better Fucking love her is for the other guys she's with when she's not with him or wantin him Idk confusing but kewl

Beg....for Holly | Reviewer: B | 2/25/10

I believe Kevin and his love split up; he said "it's over" but she left, or he made a decision that made her leave. Kevin is now with someone else, in which case he urges his ex to love his new girl for keeping him away from her. It is a possibility that his ex's new fling is a female. The new woman HE is with could be a prostitute due to the sinner and hotel room verses. However, "new sinner" implies he had an old sinner; I doubt it if he was in love with a prostitute. Matisyn is very figurative in his lyrics e.g. "hello, i'm your martyr, will you be my gangster..." -Cold, (But I'm Still here). Here again, this is possible, and surely a song can mean anything one wants it to.

Beg | Reviewer: Scotty | 10/26/09

I think that he and his girlfriend broke up. The sinner is a new girl he went with to make her jealous, and even though every other guy wants the new girl he has he is still stuck up on his ex hoping she begs him to come back but she's moved on with someone else. In the end he realizes how pathetic he was for letting her go in the first place.

yeah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/09

i think he broke up with her and then expected her to beg for his love back. but she didnt and she moved on and now he regrets ever breaking up with her in the first place just cause he expected her to come back when she didnt. and now shes gone and hes stuck loving her even though it was his fault they broke up in the first place

Beg... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/09

This sounds kind of like the singer broke the girl's heart, and now he's starting to see that maybe he made a mistake by leaving her.

When I first heard this song, I was listening to an Evans Blue CD really low while on the phone with my ex-boyfriend. Him and I have the strangest relationship; weboth love the other to death and don't want the other to ever forget, but we just can't be together for one reason or another. I asked him to go onto his laptop and read me the lyrics to the song because I couldn't hear them very clearly, and when he did, his voice broke halfway through the song. In a wa this kind of feels like what we've been going through.

I loved this song <3

Confused | Reviewer: toasty | 12/7/08

I had a Ex Boyfreind if so he be called who saaid this was a song for me...see he was in a 15 year relationship and they split up and he called me after it all happend well now i fell for him and he keeps breaking my heart because he loves his ex still,,,says he will never be able to love me because he wont get over does this song compare to his feelings for me??

She's Wasn't Going to Wait Around for Him to Love Her | Reviewer: Deena | 11/2/08

I think he broke up with her and broke her heart, then she's taking a huge risk by moving clear across the country to vegas. He regrets he let her go and wants her back. He realizes he lost her forever.