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Ace Hood Before The Rollie Lyrics

Last updated: 07/11/2013 07:54:43 PM

[Bridge: Ace Hood]
Before the rollie, before the fame
Before the money, before the game
Before them bitches
Before they ever knew my name

[Hook: Ace Hood]
Before the rollie, before the rollie
Them times were hard, I’m chasin’ money
Before the rollie, before the rollie
The same circle, the same homies

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
My same niggas, no new friends
Since day one, nigga no loose ends
Just a young nigga, outchea every day
I’mma get it by any means, that was just my mind frame
Before the Gucci and Louie, before the Rollie dog I wont do it
They nigga fuck with me when I was broke
You aint gonna stunt with me when I do it
Talk is cheap gotta put in that work
Remember them days I was ridin’ ’round in that murk
No A/C cause the shit don’t work, plus no radio to make shit worse
I’da come a long way and they know it
Fuck where you at its about where you goin’
Cant sit around and wait for no money, aint no naw nigga cant do it
Boy I did this shit for my niggas, since day one I been a go getter
Now my money right and these hoes on me, ho well go figure (Hoodnation)



[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Aint never had shit for my dream
Aint never sell no work to them fiends
Aint never snitchin’ and tell on my dogs
Wakin’ up every day for that cream
Nigga I was down and out in that field
So stressed out because of them deals
Aint no kinda hope in my city
Most my homies dead or in jail
Every night I toss and I turn
Feelin’ like the Devil all on my back
Still I’m praying times get better
Had a few thoughts sell in that pack
Boy my mom gon’ cuss me out
Runnin’ her blood pressure so high
When that money comin’ in slow
It’ll be a couple homies that rot
I’m that same nigga from out of Deerfield
Aint shit changed except a rap deal
gotta live nigga actin’ funny
Now I know how niggas in the trap feel
Ya’ll rather me broke than be fucked up
And my same hood and those same chucks
I look back today throw prayers up
Now I never forget where I came



[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Before the rollie man it was cuffs
Hard times man shit was tough
I was told don’t trust niggas
Be the main ones to come and hit you up
Still ridin’ round like I aint rich as fuck
Young niggas we clippin’ up
Before the rollie hoes run it on me
Now I pull up on em like bitch whats up?
Young niggas ballin’, fuck niggas hatin’
Before I had a rollie, I aint have no patience
A nigga ran up on me, bitch ass situations
We cap’n gown you pussy niggas aint talkin’ graduation
See there was something out there really wanna judge my wrist
Something out there really when I fucked your bitch
Cause it caught her eye, and she sucked my dick
She told you lies, and you trust that bitch like hold up
Ya’ll niggas hatin’ on me, when all these bad bitches waitin’ on me
And all that shit you pray on me
I still kill niggas like shame on me


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(Ft. Meek Mill)

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