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"Art & Life is about the way an artist paints a picture -
but a picture also paints an artist," explains Beenie Man.
"It's about the inner man and the outer man."

"Since I was a little kid, I've been in dancehall and
listening to reggae and Beenie Man is one of my favorites,"
says Wyclef. "We're always working together because our
chemistry works so well." Art & Life is a muscular and
sophisticated collection featuring guests like Wyclef and
ghetto diva, Maia, who croons on "Girls Them Sugar," a deft
take on "Who Am I?," the track More...

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here i pray | Reviewer: shawna
    ------ About the song Oh Jah Jah performed by Beenie Man

here i pray i dont care wat a bwoy wa say love my country so mi pray everyday dem wah beat mi up dem wah fight mi down mi a fi go put on mi shose and tek up wah gun but here i pray mi no care wah a gal wah say cause here i praaay each and everyday love my country luv my yard big up u self cause here i pray

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