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I figured since I wrote a song about you know God and Jesus and all that I would have to give the opposition equal time.

Ever since first man has walked this Earth I have been here
To whisper seeds of doubt and evil thoughts into his ear
I am the beast, the outcast angel fallen from on high
I go by many names but there is one you can't deny
My name is Satan, hi everybody!
Ahh, let me tell you a little about myself
My friends all call me old scratch and I am a Capricorn
My turn ons are romantic walks and killing the unborn
I've got little devil horns, and a little Goatee,
Little devil eyes to help a little devil see
And little cloven hooves that make it kinda hard to ski
I'm Satan, Woo Hoo!

Mephistopheles for some. I don't know.

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My real name is Beelzebub, but you can call me Beelz
I love to watch Fox news and then go club some baby seals
Then I'll take a bubble bath and drink a zinfandel
Try to wash off that baby seal smell
And then I'll make a toast to me
Hey, here's to my
My name is Satan. Ah Hah!

To carry on my evil ways I went and had a son
And now he makes his living as a singing comedian
I'm in every Zeppelin album
I'm in all Rush Limbaugh's rants
I'm the reason that the Boston Red Sox even had a chance

And if I want to eat your soul, I'll just throw it on a griddle.
Don't need to make a deal, I don't need to tell a riddle
And fuck Charlie Daniels I don't care if he can fiddle
I'm Satan.

The Devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for a soul to steal
Thats fucking bullshit because I wouldn't be caught dead in Georgia
Ok, it's like Oh my God!
Six, Six, Six!

Look, that's just how I picture him. You fucking think of whatever you want.

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funny song | Reviewer: jack mann | 11/24/2007

i laugh at this song everytime hes very funny i like how he laughed when he said hes the reason why the red sox had a chance cause its funny

mistake | Reviewer: Dane | 9/16/2007

666 is the outro (because its sung) should come before the "Satan! Look, that’s just how I picture him. You fucking think of whatever you want." which is not the outro because he is speaking at that part

Stephen Lynch is my musical god! | Reviewer: kelly | 8/22/2007

I have been a Stephen Lynch fan for quite sometime now..and Beelz is on my top five list for my fav's,keep pumping out the jams Stephen...LOVE IT!

Best song EVA! | Reviewer: Morgan | 2/18/2007

This is the funniest one that I've heard! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Stephen Lynch RULES!

love it | Reviewer: Crytal | 10/17/2006

This song makes me smile every time I hear it. I can just see a little neon pink to red devil singing this song sitting in a bubble bath.

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