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John Lennon Beef Jerky Lyrics

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Beef Jerky, beef jerky, beef jerky

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Viewpoint | Reviewer: FRANCISCO LANZONI | 4/29/2006

Although most of the critics say that this Lennon song is mediocre, I think is really good!
O.k, I agree is not a typical John song, but why to expect that a writer as creative as John would repeat himself eternally.
By 1974 he was coming out of the political msg and was trying to make more commercial music. That is absolutly understandable especially after experiences like "SOMETIME IN NEW YORK" and "MIND GAMES".
I consider that "WALLS & BRIDGE" is nearlly as good as "IMAGINE" or "PLASTIC ONO BAND". The thing is that this time John is more friendly and less dark.
I give him an 8 1/2.

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