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Immortal Technique Beef & Broccoli Lyrics

Last updated: 04/25/2013 04:53:20 PM

look, let me make something
abundantly clear for people
that are so bereft of activities
they feel like they gotta comment on mine.
first of all being a vegetarian should
never be associated with being
a revolutionary or being open-minded.
that's a dietary choice.
if someone wants to proliferate the
type of ignorance we're supposed to
be fighting by thinking that,
you're just fucking yourself.
i don't go around promoting
beef and pultry shoving it in
people's faces.
i don't castigate people for not
eating steak sandwiches;
and i would never diss someone
for being a fucking broccoli-head,
or living off of radishes,
or eating grass or tofu.
i like a lot of vegan cuisine.
but the illogicality of expecting
everyone to adopt their particular
idea of what being healthy is
is just preposterous.
i've seen some of you herbivores;
and if you want to argue health,
y'all need to eat some kind of supplement
because some of y'all are so skinny
that it's disgusting; looking like the
only hip-hop motherfuckers on schindler's list.
being a malnutrition-ass got nothing to do
with being revolutionary or being on-point.
i'll be damned if i let somebody else push
their agenda on me. you know i don't eat pork,
not because i'm a muslim, i just don't
really like it, but i really will
fuck a bird up. and fish is good
when that shit is fresh. it's like my nigga
Vast Aire from Can Ox said. if you don't like
the smell of burning meat, well then get
the fuck off the planet. you know i don't
criticize people for eating moss,
then don't open your fucking mouth
about my food, man. i like beef
and broccoli motherfucker. mind
your god-damn business. matter of fact...
you know what? i'm out. i feel like some
arroz con pollo, a banana daiquiri, and
a motherfucking bistec aponado.

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LOL | Reviewer: Sam | 4/25/13

Eating meat isn't required for survival, thus a choice.
Causing unnecessary suffering is therefore, a CHOICE, not a requirement.

" Worry more about the poverty-stricken people who do not have the luxury to weigh their dietary options like you do;"

Truth is, I do worry about the fact that today a lot of people will be lucky to get 1 meal in.
And that is another reason why I don't eat meat.. Think about this for a second, what do you think animals require, that we also require to get larger and grow..
Well done, we're getting somewhere, now encompass towards the fact, you could make around 50 vegetarian meals, for the same amount it'd take you to get 12oz of Steak.

There is enough food to feed EVERYONE, but instead we waste it feeding cattle, just to get meat.

I disagree | Reviewer: Matt | 6/6/12

I disagree, Jason. The conclusion that you've reached doesn't follow logically from the premise. I've been in the hip hop scene for over a decade, I grew up listening to Tech, but as I become more and more educated I've realized that this is one song of Tech's that I will not support as it is nothing short of ignorant drivel.

Cats are obligate carnivores, that is, if they do not eat meat they will die. Humans are not obligate carnivores, and in fact the vast majority of our diets are supposed to be plant based. Excess meat consumption, especially that of processed meats, has been demonstrated to cause premature death over thousands of scientific studies...Whether you eat meat or not, to ignore this fact is wilful ignorance. I smoke cigarettes, but I wouldn't deny that they cause cancer. So if you want to act like your some kind of all wise preacher, at least do your research first homie before drivelling your mouth off on some assumptions.

Ignoring these obvious facts, supporting the unnecessary suffering of other sentient beings can not be merely reduced to some kind of 'personal choice'. That's not logical, whether Tech says it is or not.

It's also a bit wack that Tech tells other people what to do in the same song that he tells other people not to tell him what to do...

Go and study biology before fronting like you know everything about our dietary requirements, and comparing them stupidly to that of predatory carnivores.

01/13/2012 | Reviewer: jason | 1/13/12

when animals stop killing each other i believe we should to. we are animals. we kill we eat. ever notice how a cat plays with a mouse before it kills it? im not sayin its completely right but its not completely wrong. animals arent our slaves. they can easily kill us just as we can to them. animals kill, we are animals. its that fuckin simple. we try to say we are above them but we are the sam if not worse. so this song is completely right. dietery choices have nothing to do with ideology.

Herbivores need to shut it. | Reviewer: Ndlelenhle | 5/12/11

I agree with Jay; people seem to have established some veggi-cult, trying to brainwash us here.
You do not fool me; as a human being, and a normal one at that, sustainance includes both meat and plants. You need to worry less about what we ordionary human beings eat. Worry more about the poverty-stricken people who do not have the luxury to weigh their dietary options like you do; worry more about the millionares that flock the African Safari and such to shoot down lions, take their hides and keep them as trophies.

Your point is just utterly ridiculous... | Reviewer: JAYpeESS | 4/6/11

I'm sorry, but how can you possibly compare animal treatment to that of slavery. Look around you. Get your mind away from animals feelings, and look at the animal world itself. Every predator kills to eat. You won't see a group of tigers eating plants and crying because the others have killed to survive. Immortal is completely right, it is a dietary choice. Animals should be protected from extinction don't get me wrong, but the idea of not eating meat isn't genius or inspiring. Every other living organism on this planet would kill unremorsefully in order to survive.

Dear first commenter.. | Reviewer: Baby Dolly | 7/10/10

It is my distinct belief that you are simply using as many lengthly words in your evidently copious vocabulary in a valiant attempt to seem more intelligent than you truly are. It's eat or be eaten baby <3

Immortal Technique is sound but massively confused | Reviewer: lisa | 4/10/10

We expect freedom for ourselves, but don't allow it to other beings? That political stance is shallow and unaware of a massive part of the oppression that effects our society.
Animals have feelings the same as us and suffer the same pain and emotion. We treat them as commodities in a capitalist society. Exactly how we treated black people as slaves before. Animals are our absolute slaves, we do with them as we please and we inflict a life of absolute torture and horrific cruelty upon them.

All aspects of capitalism are wron; where we exploit something for our own personal gain. This incorporates animals as well. We will not have human freedom until animal freedom is achieved as well. It's one and the same

Please! | Reviewer: T_t | 5/24/09

Too true! All those pseudo-revolutionary trend following skinny, pale, gaunt, kids playing like they know something. I got the freedom to eat what I want, why would a fight for freedom take that away?

I can't believe the low level of intellegence in the world today.... | Reviewer: Mike | 4/12/09

Thats easily the most stupid fucking thing I have ever heard in my life, in no way is being a vegan connected with any revolution. please go kill yourself and stop pushing your brain washing garbage, you are not a religion, you are a dietary choice....

My words | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/09

Immortal if fully right about all this... what i think its the media trying to help the other business that are pushing for people to get on diet and exercise and worry about their weight. So they spend money and worry to be healthy if you don't eat too much of beef, chicken or any other meat you'll be fine and also vegetables and do your exercise not meaning to go crazy and do miles of run but just walk half an hour a day to be healthy.

Immortal Technique, You got it all wrong here! | Reviewer: Ndifor | 12/15/08

I was like saying wow!!! what a new rapper only to listen to this song lyrics to ache my stomach to the point that I want to vomit!!!

Immortal, diet is directly link to the revolution. Infact, the revolution has been failing because all of us still depend on the oppressor for our food. Except raw vegan diet which the oppressor has no control over of which it is the best diet we should be eating.
Thanks you.

for any critic reach me at cnngwa(att)yahoo(dot)com