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Leonard Cohen Because Of Lyrics

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Because of a few songs
Wherein I spoke of their mystery,
Women have been
Exceptionally kind
to my old age.
They make a secret place
In their busy lives
And they take me there.
They become naked
In their different ways
and they say,
"Look at me, Leonard
Look at me one last time."
Then they bend over the bed
And cover me up
Like a baby that is shivering.

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As good as it gets | Reviewer: The Doz | 3/4/2006

If you have ever read the complete works of L Cohen you know that there is simply nobody on this earth who has thought more about the male female relationships than him.
Not only are his words simply wonderful in their own beauty, when combined with his life story they provide insight into the the lives of not only every single expression of emotion by every single person on this planet but read like a wonderful biography of a man who has lived a better life and examined that life more than anyone on the planet.
Any problem in life can be a shared experience via a L Cohen poem and NO popular figure holds as much mystery and begs one to want to understand a writer more than Leonard Cohen does.
He is simply the greatest person to string words together since Shakespeare and if you do not realize that... you simply have not read his words or lived anything close to his life.
Because of.. is a song that one needs previous knowledge of his life to appreciate, even then you are only getting what could be.. but is hopefully not the final words of the worlds greatest relationship poet of all time.
There is an endless world of Leonard Cohen to explore, it should be require reading in high school. I hope you start with Because of and work your way back into his career. It simply does not get better because every note is so damn real

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