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Beauty's Confusion Biography

Last updated: 03/03/2005 09:21:15 PM

Philadelphia-based Beauty's Confusion make music that rides a fine line between electronic pop and gloomy indie rock. Influenced by a myriad of sounds and styles, the duo has created music and words that break the hearts of those who listen.

BC formed in late 2001 in Florida, originally as a trio. Playing largely in the punk/indie rock circuit, their sequenced Portishead/Hooverphonic keyboards and swirling Curve-influenced guitars couldn't have been more out of place. Perhaps this is why people took notice.

The group released a self-titled EP in 2002. The EP was greeted with enthusiasm, appealing to an odd mismatch of indie rockers, new wave enthusiasts, goths, trip-hop fans, and hip-hop heads.

After the release of their debut full-length "Breathe In" in September 2004, BC began to experience a steady interest in their music pouring in from the undergrounds of Australia, Singapore, the UK and Germany.

Soon after, the group relocated to Philadelphia, to break into the NYC and Philly electronic and hip-hop scenes. It's been several months and BC is already hard at work on their second full-length, and focusing on video production for their live shows, and playing live in the Philadelphia circuit, both as Beauty's Confusion and as a side project.

In a country dominated by teenage punk, run-of-the-mill acoustic rock groups, and disposable pop entertainers, Beauty's Confusion is a refreshing change. Europe and the rest of the world seems to have caught on to the downbeat electronic sound with earnest. It is the group's hope that someday America will catch on with the same level of enthusiasm. Time will tell.

In recent months, Beauty's Confusion have remixed several independent and well-known artists, including NYC's Sarah Fimm, Philadelphia's Daughter Darling, Scotland's Kosheen, Public Enemy, MF Doom, Tori Amos and Bjork. BC have also been remixed by the electronic music collective Bitstream Dream. The group has also provided musical scores for several independent films in the works, including It/ll Be Better Tomorrow, a documentary on the life of Hubert Selby Jr. (Gift Films / Los Angeles, CA).

Paper Street Records will be releasing a special version of "Breathe In" in summer 2005, with a different track listing. "A Scene That Doesn't Change", "Shadows Make Things Beautiful", and an as-yet untitled track will take the place of Projection, The Wrong Way, Innocence Destructing, and Windmills.

If the sounds of Hooverphonic, Halou, Puracane, Blue Foundation, Baxter and Portishead interest you, you may enjoy the music of Beauty's Confusion. If you haven't heard of the group yet, chances are you'll be hearing about them in the future.