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Prince Beautiful Strange Lyrics

Last updated: 10/13/2011 11:00:00 AM

Strangely beautiful
Beautiful strange
That's what we said
instead of the name
If U count the times
He took all the blame
U would find the reason
behind the game

In the darkness
we must look 4 the way
Words so strange
that only the mind can say
If it makes no mind
what color or holy day
why is this game
the only one that we play

Dive inside your soul if U wanna know
the light inside the darkness 4ever glows
The son is like the diamond inside the coal
like an embryo, it grows and grows and grows
beautiful strange

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Unsure of his meaning | Reviewer: Love always | 10/12/11

The video on youtube showing him working on the song in the beginning is great, esp. his singing voice then...his speaking's an intro to his interview at Paisley Park with Mel B. (great interview & he's flirting the whole time...real cute to see him outside on a swing too). As for the song, I can't determine if he's questioning why Jesus to get to the Father ("the only game") or if he wonders why people take issue with the path if they don't care about color or name. "The son is like the diamond inside the coal" diamond in the rough?..or is he dissing God? Mel plays word association in the interview (2 separate clips song and interview) and says God, Prince's response: Nimrod! I love Price, but was appalled & Mel B. looked puzzled. Overall, I like the song, but have serious questions about what Prince meant when he wrote it. This was many years ago and now we know, he's a devout Jehovah's Witness.....
He's grown and changed over the years and even some of the more raunchy songs he won't perform anymore, yet he's still a genius.

I WONDER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/11

Beautiful song, some questionable lyrics, fantasic video, written in 1998 from Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic, Intro Interview with Mel B. (he and Mayte split in 1999, makes me wonder if they were even together then cause he was flirting up a storm, but what I call flirting is his "normal", his natural speaking voice is out of this world sexy (see vid on the tube)