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Mudvayne Beautiful And Strange Lyrics

Last updated: 04/06/2011 12:00:00 PM

I've got a splitting headache
2 asprin for the pain
I'm on my wagon rolling
Like a freight train
Another darkest day
Only 10 hours away
Gotta new brew swimming
Beaten by the bottle

So beautiful and soo strange
Scatter all the pieces
The puzzle will remain the same
So hideous so deranged
Crawlin through the tunnel
Lost inside the maze

Tremble like an earthquake
That shifts inside me
The crucifix I'm dragging
They'll do the hard way
They wont forget me
The walls are bloodstained
As my will unravels
Broken like a bottle

So beautiful and soo strange
Droppin little pebbles lost inside of this headspace
So hideous so deranged
Winding through the tunnels
Lost inside of
Lost inside of me
Lost inside of me

You stole the matches
You lit the fuse
You let the boiler swell
I tie the noose on you


Sooo beautiful you are beautiful
And soo strange but not as strange as me
Soo hideous like a force inside me
Soo deranged locked inside my cage
Lost inside of me lost inside of locked inside of me lost inside of

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