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To put it all in context, this is the way the bullshit went

Our first gig was in John Berry's loft on 100th Street and
Broadway, at a party for Adam Yauch's 17th birthday in
August of 1981 (it was also in John's loft that we recorded
the oldest of the old bullshit -- the previously
unreleased, 4 track-cassete versions of "Egg Raid on Mojo"
and "Transit Cop.") Yauch played bass, Kate Schelledbach
played drums, John played guitar and I (Micheal Diamond)
sang. At the party our friend Dave Parsons was talking
about starting a More...

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Review about Beastie Boys songs
Jesus jesus | Reviewer: Solomon
    ------ About the song Update performed by Beastie Boys

Jesus jesus there is just something about that name "master jesus like a fragnance after the rain jesus! Jesus let all heauen and earth proclaim not complain may king and kingdom may all pass away but there is someth4ng about that name jesus jesus he keeps me singing author luther burgress bridges sweetest name i know fills my every looking he escape the death and prayed spring theres within my heart a melody jesus whispers sweet and low fear not i am parade hmm the first loue you show for me wonderful and

Mushrooms | Reviewer: M. J. Creed
    ------ About the song Namaste performed by Beastie Boys

I think this song is describing a psilocybin mushroom or LSD trip and he's describing a moment where he realized that light (love) comes first and darkness (fear) is just the absence of that founding energy (love), not a separate entity on its own. In any case this song is sick and the lyrics are deep and spiritual

I FREEKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: MEEEEEEEE!
    ------ About the song Intergalactic performed by Beastie Boys

Ha I love this song so much lol. I've heard it on the radio a million times and I always blast it when i hear it but i could never understand what they were saying lol so thanks. I didn't know the intergalactic part was words at first!! Lol. <3!!

this was NOT wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn performed by Beastie Boys

Julian, i was playing the song while reading the lyrics and it all matched up. besides, i have guitar her:world tour and completed expert on vocals in this song. i think i know a little bit better that you what the lyrics are

ALL WRONG | Reviewer: Julian
    ------ About the song No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn performed by Beastie Boys

OK first of all its fine women and second its another boy another boy or oppisite whoever wrote this leave it to the pros and other things might be wrong too im not trying to be mean or anything it just wasn't right.

P.S:Listen to the song more careful!!!!!!!

Finally! | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Intergalactic performed by Beastie Boys

I've been looking for about 10mins for these lyrics. I know, your thinking, 'well that isnt' very long' However, to find lyrics to a song, you just put the song name into the search engine and it comes up!

However some sites were unavailable and my google was going funky. So thankyou SIGN365 for these lyrics.

and i only wanted to find out how the chorus went, haha!

sabtoge lyrics | Reviewer: stacey
    ------ About the song Sabotage performed by Beastie Boys

I love the beastie boys because i have rock band for the play staion2 and i play that song every time and other songs to they call it black hole sun dani california dead on arivvel epic in bloom sabotge vaslion that,s all i,m gonna said.

one problem | Reviewer: 12-Pack
    ------ About the song Ch-Check It Out performed by Beastie Boys

thats actually wrong you see(fourth line down)
he said "All you kling-ons in ya grandma's house"
then again it could just be the version i downloaded so u can just get on with ur life.

huh? | Reviewer: asdasd
    ------ About the song Sabotage performed by Beastie Boys

Why the heck is every word capitalized?

Also, you should probably work on your spelling and grammar before writing a book.

Good Song | Reviewer: Amy
    ------ About the song Fight For Your Right performed by Beastie Boys

This song is awesome. Your pops caught you smokin man he said "NO WAY!"
That hypocrite smokes two packs a day!
That happened to me once, except it was my Mom not Dad. This song, though good to listen too is also funny, which makes it a very good Beastie Boys song.

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