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This shining city built of gold, a far cry from innocence,
There's more than meets the eye 'round here, look to the waters of the deep.
A city of evil.
There sat a seven-headed beast, ten horns raised from his head.
Symbolic woman sits on his throne, but hatred strips her and leaves her naked.
The Beast and the Harlot.

She's a dwelling place for demons.
She's a cage for every unclean spirit, every filthy bird
and makes us drink the poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.
Fallen now is Babylon the Great.

The city dressed in jewels and gold, fine linen, marred with pearls.
Her plagues have come all at once as her mourners watch her burn.
Destroyed in an hour.
Merchants and captains of the world, sailors, navigators too.
Will weep and mourn this loss with her sins piled to the sky,
The Beast and the Harlot.

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She's a dwelling place for demons.
She's a cage for every unclean spirit, every filthy bird
and makes us drink the poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.
Fallen now is Babylon the Great.

The day has come for all us sinners.
If you're not a servant, you'll be struck to the ground.
Flee the burning, greedy city.
Lookin' back on her to see there's nothing around.

I don't believe in fairytales and no one wants to go to hell.
You've made the wrong decision and it's easy to see.
Now if you wanna serve above or be a king below with us,
You're welcome to the city where your future is set forever.

She's a dwelling place for demons.
She's a cage for every unclean spirit, every filthy bird
and makes us drink the poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.
Fallen now is Babylon the Great.

She's a dwelling place for demons.
She's a cage for every unclean spirit, every filthy bird
and makes us drink the poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.

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The actuall meaning of it | Reviewer: tommy | 7/6/12

The whole song is a lie its telling you that you could be rich and famous but it will cost you , your soul. Thats why it says "Now if you wanna serve above or be a king below with us" it actually means be famous rich but when your time is over you go to hell not a king but a slave

To Kaitlyn :D | Reviewer: Brittany | 6/29/12

Okay gurl I fucking worship A7x and I am only 14 only known them for a year. Know all their songs. In a interview on youtube for the song Little Piece Of Heaven, The Rev helped record that song, he was the one who was saying "Do you take this man in death for the rest of your unnatural life" And all that shit, it SHOWED them recording it. (I laughed my ass off when Matt started laughing when he recorded,"COME HERE YOU FUCKIN' BITCH!!") Lol and why the hell are we arguing about the song Nightmare when these lyrics are about Beast And The Harlot? WTF LOL. JUST SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE GODDAMN MUSIC THATS WHY THEY WROTE THIS ADDICTING KICK ASS MUSIC :D Get yo facts straight SIS xD PEACE!!!!!!! A7x foREVer!!!!! <3 <3 <3

christian music.. | Reviewer: Jimmy | 6/16/12

obviously this isn't christian music, it just uses biblical allusions
as for people who always bitch about people saying that christian bands suck, sorry but its the fucking truth. the audience isn't as broad, there isn't as much money in it, so all the people with talent aren't making christian music. generally christian bands are poor imitations of what non-christian bands make.

Not True | Reviewer: Grace | 1/8/12

It's actually the oppostite of a King below and a Servant above. In heaven you aren't a servant, you get adopted into the family and you are actually a prince or a princess because you are a child of God. Whereas Hell is where you are a slave. Even if you dont believe in God you can see this happening to people when they sell out.You might not realize it but you can see it happening even to alive people, especially celebrities -- you could say that they are the "kings" and "queens" in the world because they have the most money and everybody looks at them, but what do they do? They do drugs to escape their pretty sparkly icy hell, or they just go insane, or they kill themselves, sometimes by overdose, sometimes not. And in Hell you can't escape that, ever, theoretically. All you would really be is the king of your own destruction. The Harlot is our culture, an expression of the decadence and apathy we all indulge in to some degree. And the Beast is those who write the stuff in our culture that we eat without thinking of the consequences.

the facts nothing more | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/11

City of Evil equals Vegas in the song watch the video or see them live.... Nightmare equals song that Jimmy The Rev Sullivan helped right not his tribute..... So Far Away equals song he didnt help right and his actual tribute once again go see them live....... Some lyrics are from the bible doesnt make them religious..... any one can qoute the bible that doesnt make them a preist...... all this review was meant for equals quit bitching at eachother turn up your fucking stereo and rock your face off!!!!! im out

ha | Reviewer: asdfghkl | 12/5/11

Its funny how everysingle one if you is wrong.. the woman represents babylon the great "catholic church" . Shes riding the beast with the 10 horns representing the governments which will eventually turn around and strip the woman from everything she has.. its that simple

Idiot! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/11

To the guy saying Nightmare was wrote for Jimmy, you sir are fucking DUMB. Infact Matt actually said this in an interview, that Nightmare was actually shown to Jimmy on the day of Matt's and Val's wedding. Learn your facts about songs. People like you make real fans so fucking annoyed. Fan since 2002 and damn proud! I don't give a fuck if they take parts from the bible or some other shit book to make amazing music. They make it we love it.. Now stfu and enjoy it! Jesus christ.

To set idiots straight on Nightmare & The Rev | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/11

He helped write the song, but he died before they finished the actual album, so the rest of A7X, and a few others decided to make Nightmare, the last song they made with him, into something like a tribute to him, which is why his drums appear at the end of the video, that's the part of it that's a tribute to him, that chord that's played where it shows the set, is the tribute when they're live or on radio, where the video doesn't play. The lyrics in the song has nothing to do with him though, mainly cause he helped write them before he passed, as I mentioned before.

the rev-nightmare | Reviewer: Kaitlyn | 9/28/11

Umm Nightmare was not written for the rev, he helped write the song, that was the only song on Nightmare that he got to record before he died, that is why he's not in the video. Learn your fact's bro.

More on the religious debate... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/11

Yes, the majority of the song is taken from the bible. And yes, Matt did get the band name from the bible. Doesn't mean they're a religious group, okay?

Secondly, the lyrics are taken from the last book of the bible, which is essentially all about the apocalypse and the world ending.

A7X is not religious. some of the boys were Catholic, that's prolly why the bible has come into play a few times though.

The Rev | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/11

not true, there are actualy demo's from nightmare with the Rev on an electronic drum kit, the rev helped writing all of the songs, except for so far away ofc. they reason they were touring with portnoy is to show everyone what the Rev's legacy is all about

yes nightmare song was for the Rev's death | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/11

the song nightmare was written for the rev after he died, because you can see in the song that the rev wasn't even in the video, and also , they sho the Rev's drum kit in the end of the song. mike portnoy helped make these songs, you can read about this if you want.

AWESOME!! | Reviewer: ven | 5/2/11

man! i love this song!! i'm 13 now and it doesnt matter that it have something religous. the song is awesome. i cant find words to say how awesome A7X is!i love their songs! btw:sorry for my bad English im german xD

You show your ignorance | Reviewer: Nitro | 4/25/11

To the Anonymous poster who wrote the following on 3/9/11:

"Obviously this shows some religion in their music, even though its not christian shit metal. They aren't a religious band, but they have religion in their lyrics."

This statement obviously shows your ignorance but you did state that you were 17 so what should I expect. Just because music has a Christian message doesn't make it crap. Far from it. Sure there are bands that aren't that good but you can say that about secular too. I find it funny that you only mention two Christian bands and they aren't even close the best out there. Anyway, there have been and will always be Christian bands that are just as talented as those who create metal music (or any other genre) without Christian lyrics. Maybe you shouldn't be so closed-minded. You are missing out on some excellent stuff out there.

Setting you childish fucks straight. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/9/11

Alright first off, Tamisin, "Nightmare" has nothing to do with the Revs death, He didn't die until the entire album was almost completely written. Nightmare is about going to hell, and paying for your sins, if you really listen to the lyrics, which you shouldn't have to because they are very straight forward. A7x definatly isn't a religious band, i agree, they aren't trying to preach to their fans, like some pussy metal shit, if you can even call it metal, as in we came as romans or underoath, but there is absolutely some sort of religious background in their music, and "beast and the harlot" is almost ripped right out of the bible word for word. If you need more proof of a religious background, take "crossroads" for example, he talks about how he could either turn to the church or to sins.

"To the right I could see a church
I took a step in that direction first
But to the left there was a watering hole where they were whiskey drunk and now thats were I wanna pray"

"There's gotta be another way to go
A way thats much more feasible
The combination of both these lives
A central path without choosing a side"

He is basically saying that he wants religion in his life, but also wants to party. Basically.

Obviously this shows some religion in their music, even though its not christian shit metal. They aren't a religious band, but they have religion in their lyrics.

Now all you little 14 year old kids who don't want a7x to have religion in their songs because it's not "cool", get over it. I promise having a little religion in your lives wont stop you from getting laid, if you even know what that is at this point. It certainly hasn't held me back. I'm 17, Catholic and partially Buddhist, and I party and get some nearly every weekend. Point being that even though a7x has many religious references in their music, it doesn't lessen their awesome sound or ruin their evil, dark, amazingly meaningful lyrics even a little bit.

And one last rant, to all of these people who are saying that a7x cant be religious because they are hot and popular and what not, you need to flat out just shut up and move on to a different genre of music because metal, at least to me, and hopefully to many others, isn't about being hot and popular, its about head splitting riffs and mind numbing lyrics, and real meanings, unlike most "hot" music these days. Lil' Wayne being an amazing example here.

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