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Nirvana Beans Lyrics

Last updated: 12/27/2011 10:00:00 AM

I Don't like you, and I'm gonna beat you up!
Beans, beans, beans
Jessie had some beans
He was happy, happy, happy
And he ate some beans

Naked, naked, naked
Sitting cross-legged
Naked, naked, naked
And he was happy, happy, happy
And he ate some beans

Wine, wine, wine
Jessie had some wine
He was happy, happy, happy
And he ate some wine

Beans, beans, beans
Jessie ate some beans
And he drank some wine
And he was happy, happy, happy
As he drank some beans

Thanks to Erin martinez for submitting Beans Lyrics.

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"Jessie" Correction | Reviewer: Jack Kerouac | 12/27/11

Kurt never says Jessie, he says Japhy.

This song is about the novel The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac. The novel features a main character named Japhy who did all of the things mentioned in the lyrics above.

omg yea | Reviewer: kurt lover omg | 1/2/11

Yo beanz be my favorite song ever! Whenever I get the constipation and my mom tells me to eat beans and I say no ma! It gives me the movivation to relieve the constipation and eat some beans. I connect with jessie so much. Thankz for da song kurt. Rip angel.

beans ^_^ | Reviewer: michelle | 6/9/07

i always thought they were sucking up helium.. but i don't think it makes you sound funny for that long hah

Awwww | Reviewer: Angela | 5/15/07

This is the cutest song ever
But cute
What they did was sing it normaly
Then speed it up
To create the baby voice
Tight song tho
Very cute