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Formed in 1961, by 3 brothers(Brian,Dennis, and Carl
Wilson) , a cousin(Mike Love), and a good friend(Al
Jardine), this band became known as the Beach Boys. Their
first hit, was "Surfin'". Dennis came home and told his
banded family and friend (they had already formed, but they
didn't have any records,singles, or anything out, just had
the whole "band" idea and all down) that they should write
a song about surfing.

Well, they did. Mike sang lead, Brian drummed (Dennis
couldn't drum yet), Carl played guitar, and Al played a
double More...

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Review about Beach Boys songs
Thank you, Brian and Carl | Reviewer: Keith Daniel
    ------ About the song All This Is That performed by Beach Boys

If Brian had only given us THIS sublime song, we would be grateful. Its gentle chord progression, lovely melody and sensitive lyrics put it high in his canon, even though it came out when the Beach Boys were "irrelevant." Carl's soaring voice at the end is indescribable. There are so many of these hidden gems that were put out in the 70s by the Beach boys; listen to "Til I Die" for another example. Their legacy in American pop music continues to thrive.

Bruce Johnston wrote Disney Girls | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Disney Girls performed by Beach Boys

Bruce wrote it and it's still his "solo spot" on Beach Boys tours. One commentor on here was right---when Disney Girls comes on, the world stops and I listen to every word, every note. There was a time in beautiful Southern California when it really was like this for some people. I know I'll never get over it. Anyway---what a beautiful song.

Dual Quads Ring | Reviewer: Steve T
    ------ About the song Shut Down performed by Beach Boys

Had a highly modified 413 with dual quads back in the 60's. I raced a lot on the street back then and only for $100. per race. I do not know for sure what the song says but I will say that at or nearly at the max rpm for the motor you could clearly hear a ringing coming from the carbs-if you weren't winning by then you weren't going to do so. I also had a high reving 301 chevy with dual quads and experienced the same ringing at aroung 9500 rpm. As a result whenever I sing this song (in my head-My singing is terrible) the dual quads RING. RIGHT OR WRONG THAT'S MY SONG!

Sail on... | Reviewer: Tinfish
    ------ About the song Sail On Sailor performed by Beach Boys

'Sail on Sailor' is one of the best Beach Boy songs from a time when the band was at its musical best. When I saw the band during this time period they were as good as any band around. 'Leaving this town' is a close second.

Thank you Brian! | Reviewer: Bill Brennan
    ------ About the song All This Is That performed by Beach Boys

Brian didn't ruin himself. I don't know how well I would have done if I had his psychological burdens to bear. He was at their 50 year concert, playing keyboards, clearly having fun, with a whole new life and family. The whole concert was a celebration of his genius and gifts to us. His spirituality obviously saved him and gave him that clear twinkle in his eyes and confidence in his talent that was clearly evident in this concert. The band was tight with all the threads woven by Brian. Few can be spoken of this way after 50 years of fame. Thank you! is not enough Brian!!!

Good luck song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sail On Sailor performed by Beach Boys

My favorite Beach Boys song by far. We used to play it when we were fishing out of Fire Island inlet in the Atlantic on my friend Bruce's boat and we were having a tough time raising any fish - as soon as we played it we were on. Seems the fish like it too. And ps I know it's not necessarily about sailing.

Another teen | Reviewer: Lynn
    ------ About the song Wouldn't It Be Nice performed by Beach Boys

Okay, so I see all of these teenagers talking about how they dislike today's pop music and love this old music. THANK YOU AS I FEEL THE SAME WAY AND THOUGHT I WAS ALONE:) and oh my goodness, how I love this song!

Life's travails | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sail On Sailor performed by Beach Boys

This is a great song for today but wasn't typical ;Beach Boys' music way back then. As has been said it's a metaphor about rough life and traveling - sailing - through it. Most of us have done that and its bluesy nature appeals to us now, but in the 60s I would have spun 'Fun, Fun, Fun' again.

Fantasy Days... | Reviewer: Rob
    ------ About the song Disney Girls performed by Beach Boys

Let me join the ranks of you who love the innocense and goodness of what the Beach Boys and their music stands for!! Disney Girls is a fine example of what we as guys really crave in the midst of our now busy and convolutes culture, where things are less certain, roles are confused, and the American Dream is becoming somewhat obscure. Take me back, please, to those disney girls, and girls on the beach, and dreams of a bright and wholesome future!

What a Memory | Reviewer: Kathy C
    ------ About the song Sail On Sailor performed by Beach Boys

Just Heard this Classic on Radio Station that plays these incredible songs that you NEVER hear on other stations.
Googled it and cant believe it is the Beach Boys !!
I was 14 in 1972.So glad I found the lyrics !

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