Beach Boys Albums

  • That's Why God Made The Radio Album (6/5/2012)
    Think About the Days
    That's Why God Made The Radio
    Isn't It Time
    Spring Vacation
    The Private Life Of Bill And Sue
    Daybreak Over The Ocean
    Beaches In Mind
    Strange World
    From There To Back Again
    Pacific Coast Highway
    Summer's Gone

  • Stars & Stripes, Vol. 1 Album (8/20/1996)
    Be True To Your School
    Caroline, No
    Don't Worry Baby
    Fun, Fun, Fun
    Help Me, Rhonda
    I Can Hear Music
    I Get Around
    Little Deuce Coupe
    Long, Tall Texan
    Sloop John B
    The Warmth Of The Sun

  • Summer in Paradise Album (8/3/1992)
    Hot Fun In The Summertime
    Summer Of Love
    Island Fever
    Still Surfin'
    Slow Summer Dancin' (One Summer Night)
    Strange Things Happen
    Remember "Walking In The Sand"
    Lahaina Aloha
    Under The Boardwalk
    Summer In Paradise

  • Still Cruisin' Album (8/1/1989)
    Still Cruisin'
    Somewhere Near Japan
    Island Girl (I'm Gonna Make Her Mine)
    In My Car
    Wipe Out
    Make It Big
    I Get Around
    Wouldn't It Be Nice
    California Girls

  • The Beach Boys Album (6/1/1985)
  • Keepin' the Summer Alive Album (3/17/1980)
  • L.A. (Light Album) Album (3/16/1979)
  • M.I.U. Album Album (9/25/1978)
  • Love You Album (4/11/1977)
  • Beach Boys '69 (Beach Boys Live in London) Album (11/5/1976)
  • 15 Big Ones Album (7/5/1976)
  • In Concert Album (11/19/1973)
  • Beach Album (11/19/1973)
  • Mount Vernon And Fairway Album (5/1/1973)
  • Holland Album (1/8/1973)
  • Carl and the Passions-So Tough Album (5/15/1972)
  • Surf's Up Album (8/30/1971)
  • Landlocked Album (10/1/1970)
  • Sunflower Album (8/21/1970)
  • 20/20 Album (2/3/1969)
  • Stack-O-Tracks Album (8/1/1968)
  • Friends Album (7/24/1968)
  • Wild Honey Album (12/18/1967)
  • Smile Album (10/1/1967)
  • Smiley Smile Album (9/18/1967)
  • Pet Sounds Album (5/16/1966)
  • Beach Boys' Party! Album (11/8/1965)
  • Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) Album (7/5/1965)
  • Today Album (3/8/1965)
  • Beach Boys Concert Album (10/19/1964)
  • Christmas Album Album (10/1/1964)
  • All Summer Long Album (7/13/1964)
  • Shut Down, Vol. 2 Album (3/23/1964)
  • Little Deuce Coupe Album (10/7/1963)
  • Surfer Girl Album (9/23/1963)
  • Surfin' U.S.A. Album (3/25/1963)
  • Surfin' Safari Album (10/1/1962)

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    Reviews about Beach Boys albums
    Great Sleeper! | Reviewer: Dave
        ------ About the album Surf's Up performed by Beach Boys

    I have been a Beach Boys fan since their beginning and dearly love those early albums. I do not dispute that Pet Sounds is a fantastic album but I really enjoy and appreciate ALL of the songs on this album. If you have never listened to it you need to give it a listen. It's good stuff!

    The 'HOLLAND' recording. | Reviewer: Giebels Frans
        ------ About the album Holland performed by Beach Boys

    When I bought this record in middel 70 th, I immediatly was touched by the beauty of practicly all the songs!! Very unusual for this mucicians the come up with so many beautiful ballads as there are. And for me ununderstandble how seldom you hear any of them broadcasted on radio!! Pitty, pitty. I do considder this HOLLAND LP as one of the most important recordings made in this period of time. Frans.

    Fav | Reviewer: Javier
        ------ About the album Pet Sounds performed by Beach Boys

    I might be a Beatles fan, but this is my favourite album. It gives you the impresion that it grows on you like no album can do. But you have to remember that Brian Wilson made it inspired by Beatles "Rubber Soul" and that was the real first LP to be intended as a complete album, not this one.-

    Cheers for good & real music

    Sunflower Still Shines at Forty | Reviewer: Jed Hughett
        ------ About the album Sunflower performed by Beach Boys

    Beach Boys to Men sums up this great album. Their first album on Reprise label after leaving Capital, their home for ten years. They had a lot to prove and they proved it. Every song is a well crafted look at life that said they were all grown up as does the cover art, a portrait with their children. But the clincher is the complex, interwoven harmonies honed to hypnotic perfection.

    better than pet sounds! | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Holland performed by Beach Boys

    pet sounds is good, it even contains some of my fave bb tracks but for overall mastery and completeness of sound and theme, Holland is the best. Yes, it may have the odd hippy drippy lyric but at least it's heart is in the right place and it is one of the few bb albums where all the band make a full and great contribution to the writing of the songs and to its production. They forced Brian to up the ante! Leaving This Town is one of the outstanding tracks: a heart rending ballad that really gets to you; Funky Pretty is magical; Sail On Sailor is a brilliant track from Brian who wrote it when faced with the good sounds the band were creating in the studio and what a fantastic come-back it is. There is nothing else like this album in their repertoire. It is a must for all fans of the band's 'late period'.

    album summer in paradise | Reviewer: jonathan cloutier
        ------ About the album Summer in Paradise performed by Beach Boys

    i want to know , were i buy this cd or casette music pls because i lost the casette since 15 years passed and i wish refound this casette or cd pls .

    pls it's possible for you answer me in french , if it not possible , it's ok , but i wish have this album

    thank you very much for answer to my request

    One of the greatest bands in Rock History... | Reviewer: Steve
        ------ About the album All Summer Long performed by Beach Boys

    A classic, full of great rockers and more sophisticated than earlier efforts. Brian is still doing some car songs, including well-deserved hits like "I Get Around," with its famous a capella intro, and the slightly more primitive, but equally exciting "Little Honda." There's also the occasional churning surf rocker, like the haunting, angst-ridden "Don't Back Down" - but even that stuff is really solid. He's also moving in a more sophisticated, introspective direction, with increasingly complex arrangements and incredibly rich harmonies: the title track; "Hushabye"; the fantastic, up-tempo love song "Wendy"; Brian's sincere falsetto lead on the silly teen drama "We'll Run Away"; and "Girls On The Beach," whose modulations and harmony are so intricate it's literally confusing. Unfortunately, the few low points are truly low, with unlistenable lyrics that Mike Love recently convinced a jury were all his fault (topical 50's throwbacks like "Drive-In" and the pathetic high school nostalgia piece "Do You Remember"). There's also a bogus "bonus" track consisting of aimless, spliced-together studio chatter ("Our Favorite Recording Sessions").

    the best | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Pet Sounds performed by Beach Boys

    There was nothing but singles before this album. Pet Sounds changed everything the world knew about pop music.

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