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Beach Boys That's Why God Made The Radio Album

Last updated: 06/29/2012 11:00:00 AM

Beach-Boys-That's-Why-God-Made-The-Radio-CoverRelease Date: 06/05/2012
Tracks in That's Why God Made The Radio: Think About the Days, That's Why God Made The Radio, Isn't It Time, Spring Vacation, The Private Life Of Bill And Sue, Shelter, Daybreak Over The Ocean, Beaches In Mind, Strange World, From There To Back Again, Pacific Coast Highway, Summer's Gone

That's Why God Made The Radio Album Tracklist

Recorded : 2011–2012
Length : 38:53
Genre : Baroque pop, sunshine pop
Released : June 5, 2012
Producer : Brian Wilson (except "Daybreak Over the Ocean", Paul Fauerso)
Label : Capitol

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