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Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe Album

Last updated: 05/21/2012 12:00:00 PM

Release Date: 10/07/1963
Tracks in Little Deuce Coupe: Little Deuce Coupe, Ballad Of Ole' Betsy, Be True To Your School, Car Crazy Cutie, Cherry, Cherry Coupe, 409, Shut Down, Spirit Of America, Our Car Club, No-Go Showboat, A Young Man Is Gone, Custom Machine

Little Deuce Coupe Album Tracklist

Little Deuce Coupe is The Beach Boys' fourth album, and third overall LP release in 1963. Almost unintentionally, the album was rush-recorded and compiled when leader Brian Wilson sought to protect his band from exploitation from Capitol Records.

Little Deuce Coupe hit #4 in the US during a 46-week chart stay. Little Deuce Coupe (Capitol (S) T 1998) is now paired on CD with All Summer Long, with bonus tracks from that period. From Wikipedia