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Formed in 1961, by 3 brothers(Brian,Dennis, and Carl Wilson) , a cousin(Mike Love), and a good friend(Al Jardine), this band became known as the Beach Boys. Their first hit, was "Surfin'". Dennis came home and told his banded family and friend (they had already formed, but they didn't have any records,singles, or anything out, just had the whole "band" idea and all down) that they should write a song about surfing.

Well, they did. Mike sang lead, Brian drummed (Dennis couldn't drum yet), Carl played guitar, and Al played a double bass. That started it all. After that, they went on to have hits such as, "Surfin' USA","Help Me, Rhonda","I Get Around", "Fun,Fun,Fun,", etc. Bruce Johnston took Brian's place in touring in '65, so Brian could concentrate on the writings and productions.

Then, 1966 came around. The year when Brian would release his greatest gem, "Pet Sounds". This album would become, "The Greatest Album of All Time" according to MOJO. After Pet Sounds, a "pocket symphony", as Brain Wilson describes it, was put out, "Good Vibrations". That went to number one both here in the US and across the ocean in Europe. After that, nothing happened for awhile. As they were very popular in England, the US ws blind to their talent at the time. And they released some great albums and singles, and a couple hits, but nothing really shook the charts.

Brian was having less involement, and the group was under lots of pressure. Then, they became a real "big" touring band! Their concerts were huge successes! And their 4th of July concerts were real popular, too! The last forth of July with the original BBs was in 1983. That year, on December 28, they lost the heart of the band, drummer Dennis Wilson. Despite the loss, they had to continue, I mean they were the Beach Boys, they had been the Beach Boys their whole adult lives. They had ups and downs, disagreements within and without the band, and times when one member would leave the group or be fired temporarily, or when they thought they were going to break up, but things always worked out. They were always the Beach Boys.

So they continued.

Gave a large and great July 4, 1985 concert! Then once again, Brian was gone( except for a 25th anniversary concert in Hawaii). And in 1988, a big break happened! "Kokomo", went to number one! Once again, our boys were popular! They did many concerts throughout the '90s. Brian, although, not with the BBs, was a happy person. He had married and adopted a baby. Then in 1998 , tradegy struck again! Carl Wilson, the backbone and the angelic voice of the group was gone! Carl, himself, besides angelic vocally, was like an angel! Again, the boys went on. Brian has had solo success and adopted another baby. His most recent album, shows he has not lost his remarkable talent, and that he still has a sweet,soothing voice.

Mike continued, along with Bruce(who sometimes does concerts with Brian), and a touring band. and Al started the Beach Boys Family & Friends. So, that brings us to now. Although there may never be an actual Beach Boys again (with Mike,Bruce,Brian, and Al), they have left behind legacy already of which other bands only dream. They have a place in the history of music that not many other bands have had or will have.

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the beach boys fill my life with endless so. cali. beach smells,sounds and sights. | Reviewer: danny beus | 3/16/14

The amazing Beach boys have touched and woven beautiful feelings andmemories past and present into our lives. This is so rare and wonderful. God only knows how ermpty our lives would be without their beautiful harmonies and God sent arrangements. THANK YOU for putting music to our memories...... especially where my heart and mind goes walking on a SO. CAL. beach Everytime i hear them i seem to be walking on the beach... the ocean mist is in my senses..

Wishing for the more loving, softer, and sweeter times of the past | Reviewer: Shirlee | 1/2/14

If you grew up in California, I was born and raised in San Diego, then you can't remember a time when you didn't hear and know most of the Beach Boys songs because they played on the radio all the time even into the 80's.

I didn't really come to appreciate their music and songs until my late teens/early 20's in the early 1980's. The song that most reminds me of that time is "The Warmth of the Sun." When I hear it, I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face, the wind softly blowing my hair back, while watching a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean with my toes playing in the warm sand. I wished everything could always feel and be as wonderfully awesome and peaceful as that moment was, and I also believed all things were possible.

There has not been a song since that time that could possibly come close to evoking those kinds of emotions and aspirations. Perhaps that is why so many people appear outwardly happy but just don't seem to have the ability to really be at peace anymore because music, a gift from God, is not used to inspire any longer but just to make money or a political statement against the establishment (whatever the establishment is at any particular time.

It's so nice to see all these posts that are mature and uplifting.

Beach Boys in Cleveland 8/4/2013 TOUR | Reviewer: George B | 8/24/13

I have always enjoyed the Beach Boys . My daughter bought tickets for this concert for my 70 th birthday , it was throughly enjoyable. I knew all the words for the songs, everyone at the concert was envolved. Even better than the Beattles concert I went to years ago.

The Beach Boys Experience | Reviewer: Liamo Dublin | 6/15/13

I have loved the BB music since c.1964 . The magic of California Girls in 1965 was indescribable. It still recalls memories of that fabulous summer. I first saw them in Dublin in the 1968 matinee. The night show was instantly sold out. Unfortunately Carl did not make the early show as his appearance in a New York court because he refused to be drafted delayed him. The show was still great although it was hard to hear them due to the screaming. I have seen them 4 more times since, the latest was last year for their 50th reunion tour. As they were not coming to Ireland we went to see them in Berlin. What a show and what an atmosphere. Their last album "Radio" is something I thought I would never experience again. Just like their other albums, it drops you into a different world. I have also seen Brian and his band on 3 occasions and got to ask him a question at a Q & A session. Another highlight. They have generated a feeling with their music that no one, not even The Beatles could achieve. Many thanks to the Boys for generating that experience which I still enjoy.

beach boys and summer | Reviewer: starkey from nj | 6/17/12

I have loved the bbs since the eally 60s and now i'am 65. My daughter gave me the new album for father's day, anohter great bb album, 5 stars. More music to take to the jersey shore and tropical islands. Beach boys are summer! Happy 50'th annavisary and keep the music coming!!! The beach boys are American as the flag, apple pie, hot dog and chevrolet. Thank you beach boys! Starkey

Tampa Bay Ray's Game concert after the Game | Reviewer: Rick Azzarelli | 4/1/12

i was one of the unfortunate persons who never saw them in concert, boy i wish i had. but the new group with Bruce and Mike sound just like the records, and it was a "bring you back experience" I would go back and see it again, just say when.

Beach boys is all over sweden as well... | Reviewer: tobbe levin | 4/23/11

Sadly i have never watched BB live,but i still have a lot of beautiful memories linked to them whom i keep close to my heart.I was born in 61,but when i hear for example "cotton fields" i do feel like 20some again.I am lost for words when it's about the Beach boys.I remember my teens and a tear is filling up in my eye.You yanks should be happy to have them on your side of the border!! With love from Sweden....TB

Seen the Beach Boys in person | Reviewer: Donna | 10/17/09

Wow What a concert it was these guys were awsome
my friends and I were dancing and singing and haveing a grand old time.Three yrs later my friend Jill and I had real good seat near the stage. And who was there was my biggest dream of all time John Stamos Wow what a sight to see him.
Before the concert started someone ran up on stage and the lights came on and I called Johns name I was so happy same thing happened the following yr. Wow I'll never forget the three times i seen the beach boys. Hot fun in the summer time.

wuta the point?????!!!!!! | Reviewer: grace | 3/20/09

god im soooooo bored im writing this at schooL!! I know wut your thinkin how can i do that well really i dont know ethier. lol im bored and writnig this soooo huuuh i dont know wut to write i just am ooo but love the beach boys big big fan ive been to like 5 concerts any way if you read this your going to be really bored lol

...could write great songs about anything. | Reviewer: Jeff | 3/19/09

About 20 years ago, a friend and I were listening to the BBs, and he commented that they could write and perform great songs about anything, and make it sound fantastic. How right my friend still is.

Later when living in Florida, I went into a nautically themed store, and I noticed that finally someone wasn't playing worn out Jimmy Buffett music, but instead, was playing Beach Boys' music. Although Buffett is good, he doesn't come close to the greatness of the Beach Boys.

I have never, ever felt bad when I was listening to the Beach Boys...reminds me of the days of my youth in the 60s when I lived in California, and my biggest worry was how I was going to get to the beach.

WHY!! | Reviewer: The Mad , Sad and Depressed Boy | 5/2/08

I hate school so much, i am going to go home and play basketball for five and a half hours. then i will go and watch the jazz game, and go camping and eat marshmellows all day long even when i play basketball. i love marshmellows so much that i go home somedays and for my snack i eat marshmellows with syrup on them. it is so good. anyways, i will not miss a shot today in basketball, except i will probably just shoot instead of actually play because my sternum hurts really really badly, and last night i could barely breath. i hate it when people make fun of me especially when i really really really really really really really really really really really really realy really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really reall really really really really really really like them!!! UUGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why do i even try at life. i think i might give up if one more thing goes wrong! just remember NIKE ok i will be good now, hopefully!!

Summer of love | Reviewer: Amanda D. Miller | 10/18/07

I enjoy Disney Girls and I love your vice very much
I saw you singing Disney Girls my favorite song I love Disney Girls?


Still got it | Reviewer: Bill | 10/5/07

We heard the BB's this fall in NJ. A great event. If you haven't heard them in person, you should because the sound just washes over you. The harmonies are amazing. (Thank you, Brian.) Everybody sings all the way through every song (lead, harmony, counter lyrics, everybody doing something). The talent level of the new guys is very high. No compromizing there. Great "good time" music.

I was there | Reviewer: Nat | 9/7/07

I grew up in Hawthorne and met Dennis Wilson and David Marks at the beach in 63.I was a kid learning to surf,then we moved here to San Joaquin Valley that summer.I will always love those guys and my 9 yr.old son does too because I play BB's songs all the time.

Disney Girls | Reviewer: Amanda D. Miller | 9/2/07

I loved the Song Disney Girls very much And I will
In love with the Song for Bruce Johnston with the
wine you are so great boyfriends and you are my
favorite Singer and keyboard player I love you very
Much let you to Sing a Song forever/Wouldn't It Be
Nice I know you are Beach Boys I Been the fan Beach Boys Seven/Eight Years next January first 2008?

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