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A musician’s life is a landscape filled with cheap, flashy
distractions – is it possible to suffer through
self-examination and actually find the benefits of it?
Bayside don’t claim to have it any worse than anyone else;
but they are conscious of their hardships and sins and the
struggle for redemption. Working within lush sonic
landscapes, the band makes documenting faithlessness seem
like an exercise in beauty, with rich vocals soaring over
rock-solid arrangements spiked More...

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Review about Bayside songs
Missing my Grandson | Reviewer: Ramona
    ------ About the song Winter performed by Bayside

My grandson was murdered in May, we played this song at his funeral, because he was a big Bayside fan. He turned 22 on July 31st and my grand daughter made a tribute to him, with this song playing in the background.
I miss him so much and have a hard time accepting his death. I play this song to give me some peace, on days when I cannot cope.
Thank you for a wonderful song.

to the point | Reviewer: kizarm
    ------ About the song Hello Shitty performed by Bayside

i think this song is short to send a clear message. it gets its point across very beautifully. that he was in love with a girl and the girl put him in the infamous "friend zone." that their relationship was physical but only when she was weak and vulnerable and he was the convenient choice to rebound with but he wanted more, gave her his love and she didn't take it. so instead of putting himself through the torture over and over again he cuts ties and is waiting for her to realize what she had and lost, so he can put her through the torture that he was put through.

Blame it on badluck | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Blame It On Bad Luck performed by Bayside

This song is truly amazing, I don't see any reason why anyone would bash on it. Also if you are wanting to begin singing, like I am at a young age this band is totally for you. I'm not saying this is a beginners band but i'm saying there songs are easy to sing because they sing fluently, and because there songs are slow enough where you can hear the lyrics. Mostly if you love fluent, beautiful, and sometimes sad song, Bayside is for you.

Wow.. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Blame It On Bad Luck performed by Bayside

It's amazing to me to reread these lyrics. My freshman year of high school I listened to this song I love the song instantly just for the sound, I liked the lyrics but beause of my age I didn't really understand them. I guess my younger self knew that this song was something I would need in the future. Ive been out of high school for a year now and I haven't listened to this song in a long time but today I finally understood. I've got the experience and the knowledge.. And it makes this song that much greater. Thank you bayside for speaking to me through music.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time | Reviewer: Alora
    ------ About the song Don't Call Me Peanut performed by Bayside

The title reminds me of how my friends call me Peanut Butter. One of them took a spoonful of peanut butter and smeared it on my face and I almost killed them if they hadn't of run away....but anyways, the title reminds me of that time...?

I've been cheated on as well by a douche, so I relate to this song in many ways.

Sweet baby. <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Winter performed by Bayside

I have known about this song since the Acoustic CD came out. But I have never been able to relate to it. That is, until my 6 month old nephew was murdered. It happened on the 7th of this month. This song just makes me feel so at peace. Of course, I am always going to miss him.

I love you so much, Booger.

What I Heard | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song Megan performed by Bayside

The story that I heard behind this song was that one of the members of the Smoking Popes was engaged, but his fiancee passed away, and the song is about how he wants to commit suicide by laying on the train tracks to "come back to her." But he ends up not being able to do it.

Rest easy, Christopher Zaragoza; 1.3.94 - 10.31.11 | Reviewer: Tori
    ------ About the song Winter performed by Bayside

A good friend of mine took his own life on Halloween this year, almost two weeks ago. I miss him so much, but this song is kind of a comfort to me. Love you Chris, you've always been an angel, even before you left us. <3

girls like you make us all look bad | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Don't Call Me Peanut performed by Bayside

it's this kind of song that makes me so happy that i don't do anything to hurt the man that i love, but when i really think about it and read these damn comments, i think about what would happen if i did. first off, i'd feel horrible, but what if the script were flipped, and he did these things to me? i don't want the man i love to hurt me, so why would i do such to him? women who make these mistakes are stupid and don't think of the consequences and obviously don't think about how they'd feel if it were the other way around, and when they do that to a man, that man could never love or trust another woman the same. that hurts a lot and those are the kind of women that make us all look really bad, you know?

O.o | Reviewer: Troy Guttormson
    ------ About the song Blame It On Bad Luck performed by Bayside

Bayside has changed my every outlook on music. Ive been listening to them since I was 14. I'm now 18. Im a musician myself, so I truly appreciate every bit of their skill. The way of words and how they're thrown together. The vocals are actually used as they're intended to be. An instrument. Just like a guitar or drums. Look me up. I'm starting to record now. Facebook it, bruh. :)

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