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It is one of the ironies of rock music that few groups,
such as The Velvet Underground or The Doors, only gain
their influential reputation with hindsight, long after
they have disbanded. Bauhaus broke up in 1983, yet fifteen
years later their back catalogue sells better than ever,
their style still contemporary, and the live shows are now
legendary. With the image and brooding music it was
inevitable that Bauhaus would be classified with the
vanguard of the "goth" fashion, a totally misleading
confinement which ignored their humor, More...

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Reviews about Bauhaus songs

Hope? Hope! | Reviewer: Michael
    ------ About the song Hope performed by Bauhaus

A timeless tune. In 2011 it still sounds like a fresh, contemporary song.
Bauhaus always have been ahead of the times.
I don't know what the lyrics ment to them. For me, the message of "Hope" is very simple: take your chance. Now.

The Dark Side of Rock | Reviewer: Camilo Garcia Bogado
    ------ About the song She's in Parties performed by Bauhaus

My favorite song from Bauhaus, a great band from early 80's. The cinematograpic atmosphere is so well described in the lyrics, and the dark air of it remembers you of a good Noir movie and early century terror movies (like Bela Luigosi's Dracula or Nosferatu). The bass lines are remarkeable, and you'll find yourself going along its rythim. The drum is solid an very repetitive, making the consistency of the music, while the guitar is a little bit shy along the others instruments, but it's what gives all the dark aspect os this song. The vocals are superb, making this song even darker. Go listen to it, and you'll see what a good music from 80's is.

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