Battlelore Albums

  • Third Age Of The Sun Album (8/3/2005)
    Usvainen Rhûn
    Storm Of The Blades
    Ghân Of The Woods
    Elves Of Lúva
    Valier - Queens Of The Valar
    Thousand Caves
    Cloaked In Her Unlight
    Of Orcs And Elves
    Touch Of Green And Gold
    Pallando - Forgotten Wizards I
    Gollum's Cry

  • Sword's Song Album (7/22/2003)
    Sons Of Riddermark
    Sword's Song
    The Mark Of The Bear
    Buccaneers Inn
    Attack Of The Orcs
    Chazad-Dum Pt. 2 (Silent Caverns)
    Horns Of Gondor
    The War Of Wrath
    Forked Height
    Starlight Kingdom
    The Curse Of The Kings

  • Where the Shadows Lie Album (8/13/2002)
    The Grey Wizard
    Raging Goblin
    Journey To Undying Lands
    The Green Maid
    Khazad-Dum Pt. 1 (Ages Of Mithril)
    Ride With The Dragons

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