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George Jones Battle Of Love Lyrics

Last updated: 07/06/2005 11:00:00 AM

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(George Jones - Darrell Edwards)
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(Battle of love)
For over a year I've been in love with a girl so sweet
But the guy next door has declared a war and I won't retreat
He hays he could win that pretty girl love in a minute
But I'm gonna show that boy he's not a gonna win it
We're just beginning this mighty battle of love
(Battle of love)
He was once my friend through thick and thin but now I draw a line
For he wants to be my enemy and try to take what's mine
But I know his plans so I'll take my stand and defend her
He's gonna find that I'm not the kind to surrender
I'm out for winning this mighty battle of love
(Battle of love)
Now his money's dream and the limousine that he drives is new
I can only offer this heart of mine full of love that's true
I know I'm right and ready to fight for my true love
He's tellin' it all over town that he's got another new love
So I've got to win this mighty mighty battle of love
(Battle of love)
Now they say all's fair in love and war so may the best men win
And when they say I do I'll be glad to that to meet the best men then
If he wins her love how I ever learn to live without her
Cause here she is in my arms so why should I doubt her
If I'm really winning this mighty battle of love
I'm really winning this mighty battle of love

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