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By moonlight, we ride - ten thousand side by side
With swords drawn, held high - our whips and armour shine
Hail to thee, our infantry - still brave beyond the grave
All sworn the eternal vow, the time to strike -- is NOW!

Kill Kill oh oh oh oh
Kill Kill oh oh oh
Kill Kill oh oh oh oh
Kill Kill oh oh oh oh oh

Gone are the days, when freedom shone - now blood and steel meet bone
In the light of the battle’s way, the sands of time will shake
How proud our soldiers stand, with mace and chain in hand
Sound of charge into glory ride, over the top of their vanquished pride

Victory Victory oh oh oh oh
Victory Victory oh oh oh
Victory Victory oh oh oh oh
Victory Victory oh oh oh oh oh

To the battle, we ride - we crossed a starlit sky
No space - no time, we’ll catch the wind
Strange losses, men died - we crossed a starlit sky
And still no space and time - we’ll catch the wind


Kill Kill oh oh oh oh
Kill Kill oh oh oh
Kill Kill oh oh oh oh
Kill Kill oh oh oh oh oh oh-oh

Sound the charge into glory ride - over the top of their vanquished pride
By moonlight, we ride - ten thousand side by side

Kill Kill oh oh oh oh
Kill Kill oh oh oh
Kill Kill oh oh oh oh
Kill Kill oh oh oh oh oh

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Manowar rule | Reviewer: Stormbringer | 2/3/14

Manowar are the best. Battle Hymns is such a great song, and the album is simply amazing. The unique voice of Eric Adams, the wicked guitar playing of Ross the Boss, and the great tunes that he and Joey came up with made their first 6 albums legendary.

Jason's opinion | Reviewer: Jason Borgeson | 11/14/11

In 1983 I read an article about Manowar in Hit Parader magazine, and it just sounded like the kind of thing I'd like. So I ordered a copy of Battle Hymns. I've always liked Joey DeMaio's heroic-type lyrics, and definitely the bass playing and singing. I don't see how whips can shine, though. Also, Ross the Boss' guitar style was the older vein; if you look at the progress in metal guitar in the early '80's, bands like Priest and Maiden were liberated by Eddie Van Halen's approach, wheras Ross just sounded very basic and dull (although he had his moments). This is one of the band's very best songs.

RiP Scott | Reviewer: Zaluskowsky | 9/15/11

One of their drummers / former drummers is on the Ride to Valhalla.
In case you didnt know, there was a Festival in Germany where they Played Battle Hymns with 3 Guitarrists and 3 Drummers.
Awesome, Epic , Ownage ,... all these words cannot describe anything like Battle Hymns with 3 Drummers.

Hail from Germany !

Greatest of all time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/11

I remember the first time I listened to Battle Hymn. I had never even heard of Manowar, I just searched Kazaa for 'battle music' because I figured that would return some inspiring songs.

In a 56k download, I could only listen to the song like 5 seconds at a time. The spectacular intro stunned me. Being used to shitty mainstream 'metal' bands, I kept waiting for the song to ruin itself, but it only kept getting better. I waited for the lead singer to come in. I expected some ass clown in a growling, droning voice to come in with bullshit lyrics, but then..

For the first time..

I heard the unrivaled voice of Eric Adams (Louis Marullo).

I'll always remember the day I discovered the greatest metal band of all time. Hail Manowar, Kings of Metal.

damn good song | Reviewer: kri | 12/22/09

this is by far among the best songs ive ever ever listened to. the band is obviously skilled. when it comes to the lyrics i think none can top an obvious talent in articuliating. basicly this song has only one fault and that is thae repitition of a particular phrase wich is signature in matal bands like this but thats just my opinion

damn good song though

manowar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/07

never have i ever seen a band quite like manowar. the guitar is amazing. the drums grip your attention. the vocals are mindblowing. and lyrics are very well thought out, ( norse mythology ) overall, long live manowar!

Odin with us | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/06

Manowar is simply the best metal band.... Ever. I will slay you where you stand if you beleve otherwise.

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