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Bathory Biography

Last updated: 07/24/2007 12:00:00 PM

Bathory are the original, and definitely the best Swedish `Black Metal' band. The very early albums, particularly their eponymous first album, and to a lesser extent "The Return ..." are heavily Venom-influenced, but they quickly developed their own very distinctive style, embodied in "Under the sign of the Black Mark" and "Blood Fire Death". Nordic influences, intimations of which are already present in "Blood Fire Death" in the title song and "A Fine Day to Die" take over from the so called `Black Metal' style with the album "Hammerheart" (the cover depicting a Viking funeral) and the music becomes more melodic in the later albums.

Quorthon has also recorded two Solo Albums , containing material quite differnent to that released as Bathory.

Most albums are recorded by a trio, but all music and lyrics are by Quorthon , who is unquestionably the central figure in the band. Two musicians credited on the early albums go by the names of Vvornth (drums) and Kothaar (bass).