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Bastian Baker Biography

Last updated: 09/14/2012 07:28:20 AM

Just one single was all it needed for Bastian Baker’s name to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue; «Lucky» (Was it a premonition?) was immediately adopted and played over and over by Swiss radio stations from March on, and when performed on stage for the first time at the 2011 Caprices Festival it captivated 3,000 spectators, as did his catchy ballads. Immediately after, the media went wild about the young prodigy. He was constantly being interviewed in French or Swiss German by the biggest Swiss newspapers, was invited on TV and radio, and even managed to impress Claude Nobs at a concert in Zermatt. The head of the Montreux Jazz Festival was so convinced of his his potential that he invited him to play at the Off festival on 16 July 2011. The concert was a total hit, with groupies in a trance, the public joining in his songs and ecstatic critics. It was the start of the Bastian Baker phenomenon. Everyone was overwhelmed by the charisma, the angelic looks and unstoppable talent of the 20-year-old singer songwriter, who at the age of 5 was warming up his voice on R.E.M. He is also an outstanding athlete, who played high-level ice hockey for 12 years before being “taken over” by music. Pragmatic and determined, when speaking about his music career, he says he doesn’t want to be just a fad.

The keen interest, almost craze, about him over the last seven months and that continues to grow, must be should reassuring. But while some might let it go to their head, Bastian Baker is keeping his head on his shoulders, and just talks of “a lucky star” that brought him both an inspired producer and dynamic management. Of course, one might also look at these lucky coincidences as well-earned opportunities and recognition for a passionate, extremely sensitive and incredibly talented performer. All these characteristics can be heard on his first album «Tomorrow May Not Be Better», a subtle and irresistible mixture of pop-folk and sometimes rock sounds. The album was recorded in Paris with the very best English musicians and mixed at the Philippe Weiss studio. As soon as it came out on 9 September 2011, it was # 1 on Swiss iTunes sales, soared to the top of the charts (3rd place as soon as it came out) and was so successful with the public and the critics, it became a Gold record in barely four months. With his album so well-received, thousands of Facebook fans and forty concerts throughout Switzerland during the autumn, it was a great entertainer who performed in front of 13,000 people at Zurich’s Hallenstadion in November, as the opener for the Roxette concert. 2011 has finished on a high and foretells a great future for the Lausanne singer.

The future
A Swiss tour with his group, his album coming out in France this spring, a song to record for the Swiss Davis Cup team and a song in the making with the producer of the rapper Stress…. There’s no denying it, Bastian Baker is here to stay!