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Barzin Biography

Last updated: 07/01/2005

Slow and melancholic, introspective and confessional: These words in some ways describe the sound of Barzin.

A project that began sometime in 1995, Barzin was a solo endeavor at its inception. But somewhere along the way it shed its solitary skin allowing a wide array of characters into it's sound. From amongst a rotating cast of musicians, who occasionally made appearances on recordings and at performances, three individuals slowly became a fixture of this project. The three characters in question are Walter Kofman, Suzanne Hancock, and Tony Dekker. With the addition of these musicians the sound of the music has continued to remain true to the esthetics of quietness and minimalism. It still concerns itself with exploring the quiet side of pop.

In 2003, the album that was self released by Barzin the previous year was picked up and re-released by Where Are My Records.