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Barry Adamson Biography

Last updated: 11/13/2012 05:55:31 AM

A British rock musician who has worked with rock bands such as Magazine, Visage, The Birthday Party, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and the electronic musicians Pan sonic.

He has also worked on the soundtrack for David Lynch's Lost Highway, and released numerous solo recordings.

His musical influences were diverse, ranging from Alice Cooper to Motown to David Bowie.

He joined ex-Buzzcocks singer Howard Devoto's band Magazine, playing bass guitar, scoring one chart single, "Shot by Both Sides"; in late 1977, he also joined Buzzcocks, as a short-time replacement of Garth Smith.

Adamson worked with another ex-Buzzcock, Pete Shelley, before joining Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

His solo work is influenced by John Barry, Elmer Bernstein and Ennio Morricone. Later works have included jazz, electronica, soul, funk, and dub styles.

In 2002, Adamson left his long-term label, Mute Records, and started his own 'production home', Central Control International. In 2006, he released Stranger on the Sofa, first for his Central Control International imprint, to critical acclaim.

In 2007 it was announced that Magazine would reform for concerts in 2008.

Albums include:

2008 Back To The Cat
2006 Stranger on the Sofa
2002 King of Nothing Hill
1999 The Murky World of Barry Adamson (compilation)
1998 As Above, So Below
1996 Oedipus Schmoedipus
1993 The Negro Inside Me
1992 Soul Murder
1988 Moss Side Story