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Barren Cross Biography

Last updated: 05/06/2009 12:00:00 PM

As they say, Rock and Roll never dies. There have been many incarnations of Rock and Roll over the years, but perhaps none as engaging as the music culture that erupted out of the scene in the late seventies and eighties. For the first time it seems Rock and Roll had come into it's own, and become more than a style of music. Perhaps if Rock and Roll never dies, then neither will the forefathers of this edge-defying genre that helped develop the culture we are in today.

Barren Cross, legends in their own right, return to the stage inviting the music culture back to Arena Rock once again to prove that rock and roll never dies. They are once again here with a sound that will cause their audience to feel, to be challenged and remind us all of the full scale that rock and roll demands.

Over the years, Barren Cross has seen their share of successes since their start out of High School in 1982. In 1985 their first EP, Believe, a independent release, garnered national attention and trade marking their raw metal sound. The following year, Star Song Records released their first full length, and still widely sought after CD, Rock for the King. 1988 saw a second full-length Release, Atomic Arena, this time on Enigma Records (now Capitol Records) alongside label mates Poison, Ratt, Slayer, Stryper and more.

In 1989, as a follow up to their Enigma debut, they released a third CD, State of Control and a full production Live CD on Medusa Records called Hotter than Hell Live! was released the following year. A few months later, Rock for the King was reissued and has since become a collector's item. Subsequently, the band enjoyed a bit of a break while lead singer Michael Lee (now known as Michael Drive) pursued another project (becoming writer and lead vocalist for the band, BareBones) until Barren Cross' last release (to date) in 1994 on Rugged Records, the stylistically evolved, Rattle your Cage.

Besides six major label releases (five of them full-length), Barren Cross earned their stripes through relentless touring in their day. Their sound and full passion for what they do has earned them respect and airplay on VH1, MTV, countless radio stations and several label and metal compilations. For over twenty years, international music magazines have featured the band consistently, confirming with certainty that this is a band that cannot be limited by time or trends. Their sound is as raw and tight as ever and there is no question that it can only be described as full-fledged rock for the King that will rattle your cage.

Barren Cross now invites you back to arena rock, in full passionate stereo. You can't keep a good band down.

Thanks to barren cross's representation - jeff mclain, north coast agency for submitting the biography.