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Who we are

Barlowgirl is an all girl band made up of three sisters: Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow. (Can you guess how they came up with the band name?) For two years they traveled around the country and were the back up band for their dad. During one concert Lauren, who was the keyboard player at the time, caught sight of a drumset, fell in love.... and so a drummer was born. Soon after that the girls began experimenting with song writing and out of that came songs never to be played or heard of again :) During that time they decided to start their own band and have been one for the past three and a half years. What happened to their father, you ask? Well don't... kidding. He and his wife (ironically, the Barlowgirl's mother) are now the girl's managers. Yes, it is a family affair.

Our Vision

Barlowgirl has a passion to write songs about the journey that God has taken them on in their lives. Our main topics include trusting God, purity, and our stand on not dating.

Trust- "We believe that God is calling everyone to live a life that is fully surrendered to Him so that He can do His work in us and begin to show us His true purpose for our lives. We're definitely not saying 'we've mastered this concept and now it's your turn', but instead that this is a daily process and a journey that all of us will be on forever."

Purity- "In a world that constantly bombards us with impurity and immodesty, we feel called to take a stand against what the world is telling us is acceptable. Especially in the area of clothing and modesty."

Not dating- "We believe that God has one perfect man already chosen for us; therefore we have no need to worry ourselves in searching for him. When the time is right we know God will bring us together. In the meantime we are not hiding in a closet avoiding all males. We are still living our lives, just without the pressure of having to have a boyfriend."

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Amazing | Reviewer: Caitlyn | 9/28/09

ok so i saw u guys in concert at fox river church in waukesha and just wanted to say u guys were great! the cd you signd in hanging in my room and the pic i have wit you is jus amazing. i love your lyrics to the song and how you said that we r the generation that makes the change. i love u guys

The POWER OF GOD | Reviewer: Anvesh | 8/19/08

Praise the Lord...for using these sisters for his glory...Its amazing to see the works of the Holy Spirit working through them.
God led me to their song.."I need you to Love me" and "Never Alone" Both of which blew me away...
Especially " I need you to leave me" bcoz the lyrics were the exact words coming out of my mouth as i betrayed God and was asking God to let me away..let me run away...coz he is too good for me...
But he dint let me...i was shocked...he dint even punish me when i rebelled...he showed me more and more comfort infact...I thought Now God himself would show his wrath coz i rebelled against him all day and night...but instead he told me Jeremiah 29:11, that he does not want to "HARM" me which i expected God to do now that ive sinned AGAIN!!!!
When i read ur stand on Truth ,purity and Not dating..i just would like to pray for more power of the Holy Spirit to be manifested more than ever before.... even at a scale more than ever before than you could ever imagine...for WE HAVE THE POWER OF GOD!!!!!

I LOVE BARLOWGIRL ROCKING ! | Reviewer: Richard | 8/25/08

ROCKINg NUMBERS IS Good Girl you can good Drumming I Will Learing DRumming THIs Good I cAN not So Good.
En The Singers Perfeckt The Music Is perfeckt I Am Will COntact Met You

GOD BLESS YOU EVerday I BIDDING TO you That God you Helpt OP Het Work Groet RICHARD

so helpful and so awesome | Reviewer: leah | 1/4/08

i love your songs about not dating they are really helpful when things get hard. thanks so much for your music! keep doing what you do!

Awesome | Reviewer: andrey | 12/23/07

Barlow girls are awesome,
i am probably the first guy to leave a review, but barlow girls have amazing skill, just like their drummer i too am a piano player and i started to play the drums, its awesome! i can't think o a better combnation! God bless!

BarlowGirl: Keeps me going. | Reviewer: Aimee | 12/20/07

Barlowgirl is my "second route" to God almost. Through my teen years, they've kept inspiring me to keep going in life. Their lastest album, "How Can We Be Silent?", is a life-saver for me. The album keeps digging in the "don't give up" idea into my heart/brain. I was iffy on buying it because I don't witness (I'm religiosly tolerant), but when I first listened to it after finally breaking down and buying it, I felt sooooo good! "One More Round" is my life theme-song now. The song has helped me through some hard times without bawling my eyes out. Lol! I'm glad other young people are being touched by BG too! They're awesome!

They are so amazing | Reviewer: Stephanie | 11/28/07

a while ago i was having a tough time in my life and i had a bunch of c.d.'s that i was lloking through. I was listening to the c.d. and i loved it. i took it out to see what the music was and it was BarlowGirl. I realized that i needed to live my life more to what God would want. I now actually like going to church. Anyways. That year i went to our youth YC thing and i saw that they were there. It was so amazing and now because of them i am more in tune with God and what he wants me to do. Thanks all to them

Simply amazing | Reviewer: Nikki | 9/1/07

I love all of Barlowgirl's music. It is inspiring and alot of the somgs hit home for me. Their song Never Alone means alot to me, because it seems like sometimes that no one is there when I need them through some rough times. The song Average Girl kind of fits in about how i feel about dating now too. You guys really rock, and are my favorite band. I love to sing, and your songs are great to sing and I really enjoy them! Keep up the good work!

So inspiring!!! | Reviewer: Kira | 8/2/07

I also became hooked when i heard their song "Never Alone" b/c i was going through some hard times when I heard it so it really inspired me to sing more and more and God has really blessed me because of it. That song really drew me to Him more b/c the words of that song were like the exact thoughts that I was thinking! I absolutely love this band and God has really gifted those girls with the gift of song to really spread his love and grace! I love you guys!!!!

The Greatest Band - Period | Reviewer: Alexa | 6/18/07

It's amusing how I came love BarlowGirl - my friends kind of 'forced' me into liking them. I've gone to a public school my entire life, so I'm more familiar with contemporary rap and alternative rock, which is a shame. Most of the kids in my youth group go to the private school that our youth group is held at, and they were shocked when they found out that I had never heard of BarlowGirl, and they assured me that they were awesome. After listening to Never Alone and Porcelain Heart, I was totally hooked. I think that since BarlowGirl is a Christian band, yet somewhat vague, they're a great band to get people to turn to Christianity with. They aren't overpowering. I hope to use their music in the future at my school to show people that Christians aren't psycho and that stereotypes on TV (like God mom - what a joke) are fake and don't portray Christians in the way that they should.

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