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Superchick Barlow Girls Lyrics

Last updated: 06/05/2014 08:28:00 PM

We met these sisters Barlow's their last name
Ordinary girls they don't live in the fast lane
They don't rate with the guys that score
Cause they don't flaunt what the boys want more
They don't date, they won't date
They wanna see how they're gonna grow up
Who they're gonna be
But in the meantime they might feel unloved
When all the girls around them are hooking up
But I know for sure it's never popular to be pure
And while some guys might be passing them by
I think they've caught someone's eye..

All the boys in the band want a valentine from a Barlow Girl
Boys think they're the bomb
Cause they remind them of their mom
(Of Their Moms, Oh yeah)

Everyone needs to be loved
Everyone needs their own teenage fan club
Any attention can feel like a good thing
Dress to impress can be oh so tempting
You can get noticed with your body
Sexual hypnosis by being hottie
You might feel like public property
You might you might, you shouldn't be
No girl should feel she has to trade
Her body for love or be an old maid
And yes there are guys who are willing to wait
Ask a Barlow girl on her wedding day


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Great Song | Reviewer: Christian Witch | 6/6/14

I love this song and it's message I'm a Wiccan (though is still believe in Jesus as my lord and saviour) and as a Wiccan I view sex as a sacred act between to people who truly love each other and preferably are married I also veiw my virginity as sacred and plan on holding onto it for as long as I can with these to beliefs in mind I plan on waiting for marriage I know plans can change but am at least going to try and if any guy tells me if I love him I will have sex with him I'm going to tell him that if he loves me he will wait for me. P.S. keep in mind I'm 15 and I already understand all of this.

Wait or Not Wait, that is the question | Reviewer: Dave | 2/13/12

Whether to wait for marriage or not is a personal choice. I did not wait and the experiences I got shaped me a lot. I know what it feels like to face the unwanted pregnancy and facing the decision to end it. After 24 years of marriage, my wife says she wishes she had waited longer (We would have been each others first). We broke up for almost two years, so don't get the feeling that she was my only one. She has also stated that she wishes she had waited until she was married. I think the sins I committed have made me a better person now. My marriage is stronger because I learned that to have someone you can laugh with in bed, is far greater than someone to have sex with in that bed. I know that my 20 year old daughter is no longer a virgin, but her and her current boyfriend are not having sex and their relationship has lasted twice as long as the one she had with the guy she did have sex with. I think they realize that they have years to have sex after marriage that it is not needed now. Plus they are not having to raise a child, like some of their friends are. (including the previous boyfriend). As I have told both of my daughters (the other is 16), If he truly loves you, he will wait. I have also told them if a boyfriend uses the "but if we don't do it my b*ls will hurt" to mention that his hands seem to work fine, perhaps he can ease that pain later in the bathroom.
Whether you chose to wait or not is up to you, just ask yourself the question. If we could not have sex in the future, would I still be with this person? If you can not answer yes, then you need to wait until you find love that does not require sex.

I love this song | Reviewer: Dave | 2/13/12

I love the message that they should not feel unloved because everyone around them is hooking up. There are guys that find them just as desirable without the sex stuff. These are the smart guys that realize that love is more important than sex. Actually when I re listen and read the lyrics, it says "ALL the boys in the band want a valentine from a Barlow Girl". Not some, ALL. I am sure the boys in the band have run into groupies, but they would rather have the wholesome Barlow Girl. Great message

What a mook | Reviewer: Anon | 8/8/11

I've never heard anything so ridiculous as what just came from the "madame". You don't think that bands should sing about staying pure? There are plenty of songs out there about doing drugs, having sex, drinking, being crunk, shooting people... every single one of them an individual choice. But I don't see you complaining about them. Idiot.

To "madame magnifique" | Reviewer: ximena | 11/14/10

You say that "divorces are raising every year so why wait to have sex until marriage if you are not gonna be with that person forever?" I'll tell you something. It depends on the person that you marry. Because I'm sorry but if you are gonna marry an idiot, that is always drunk, that has dated 1000 women, and treats you like crap then of course I asure you that marriage won't last. But, if you marry the right person I promise you that the marriage will last and you will be the happiest person. I'm not saying it will be PERFECT because trust me there will be moments where you will fight but it will be everything you need and more. I'm 21 and I'm a virgin. I'm not ashamed to say it and I'm waiting for the man that GOD has for me. And you know what? When you have a relationship with God you realize that you don't need to be having sex with whoever comes in front of you to fill that emptiness that you feel; because God feels that emptiness. Just to let you know, I know a lot of people that waited until marriage and they've been together with that person for years and are still as in love as they were the first time. So it is possible, you just need to know how to wait. There is a really good book on this theme "The Right Path to The Right Person" (Frank Hechavarria) you should read it, you will learn a lot :)

Good song and message | Reviewer: Sparkle | 2/21/10

Well, I'm not religious but I believe in abstinence. Having sex when you're not married is too complicated- birth control, etc. Plus when you're married, there's a much bigger chance that the guy will stay if you get pregnant. Your first time is special, too, so why give it to some dickhead? Good song and good message from a talented band.

Seriously? | Reviewer: nunya | 2/14/10

I have absolutely nothing against sex before marriage, that's the person's choice, but saying that Christianity demotes sex is completely wrong. I'm sure some churches do, but the youth group at my church has meetings every once in a while to talk about sex, and the importance of waiting. I wait because I want it to feel special and with someone who won't leave me after getting in my pants. The pastor at my church says, "Sex is GREAT! It's one of the most amazing things you'll experience. But so is waiting for marriage. Because the anticipation of sharing your first time with that special someone on your wedding night is probably the best thing in the world."

God calls us to live in purity and holiness | Reviewer: Wangari | 1/4/10

I have never heard the song Barlow Girls by Super chick, I just stumbled on it while reading a review on the song 'Surrender' by BarlowGirl.

We all have opinions on what is right and wrong but according to God's word, Jesus said that His word (God's word) is truth (John 17:17).

It is understandable when people are offended when they read the lyrics to this song because just like in days of old, people went to the extent of killing those who they felt were exposing their evil acts and making them uncomfortable.

But whether we are offended or not, it will not, does not and will never change the TRUTH, it will not change GOD'S WORD and it will not change the fact that people are living in their sin and if they don't repent and turn from their wicked ways, they will perish and ultimately go to hell.

Even if we were all to rally behind having sex before marriage, and say that it is according to your or my opinion, we would all be wrong and God would still remain RIGHT and HOLY.

For those who have not waited, it is never late to live a life of purity as long as you have breadth in you. God truly loves us and He is the only one with the power to forgive sin and cleanse from all unrighteousness.

For those who believe that each one should be led by his own fleshly desires and be "at peace and comfortable with it", carefully read and consider consider the following,

John 3:19-21(NIV)
This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.
But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.

It's a true song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/10

I am a Christian and this song goes with my beliefs. Although I would date I would never go as far as sex ever! I am only 13 and I know that the guy I date might not be who I marry but I will still date him if I really like him. I don't believe in dateing guys you don't fully love. When people say it's just puppy love I usually don't listen. But even if you love someone soo much you will probubally marry them so why not wait until you get married. The people who say I'm not getting married yet you will go out and have sex with any guy that's wrong. You might wind up haveing a baby, being a single mother( although this isn't true for all guys most will leave you and then what are you going to do? Have sex with more?) if you wait until marrige then you will know that your boyfriend loves you for you. He will be there and it makes things all the better. Look at all of the single teenage moms out there who used condoms yet still got pregnant. Yeah there's abortion yet no one should kill there baby. It just feels so much better when you have waited. God made it so that a man and woman have sex after marriage it have worked for thousands of years so why do we say it doesn't work now?

Madame Magnifique | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/09

Oh really, this is ridiculous. Yes, there are people who decided to stay pure until marriage. I didn't decided that way, but I accept it. But why do many peole not accept having sex before marriage? I mean, there are way more important things to discuss than wheter having sex before marriage or not. And honestly, do you all really believe that you'll be spending your whole life with your husband? Just look at the increasing number of divorces...virginity isn't that much of a gift, that it can make a marriage last forever.
To put it in a nutshell, I do not think any band should propagate staying pure or not. It still is an individual choice.

Cool Song | Reviewer: Eddie | 10/26/09

I hated it at first because I thought it was a put down, but then I listened to the lyrics. To tell you the truth girls, a guy respects girls like this far more than those who give it up. I know well, because I lived that life for many, many years before God grabbed me. Full blown metalhead, a different girl each week - sometimes more than one in a day. You know what? I barely remember any of them.

er... | Reviewer: Kate | 9/22/09

I'm fifteen, and I've not waited till marriage. Apart from the fact that I'm never getting married because I'm not religious, my first time was great! I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't in a proper relationship, but I was completely happy and relaxed, and it was totally on my terms, I wasn't pressured, it was my decision. I don't regret it in the slightest.

I've only done it once: I'm not a slut, just because I haven't waited untill marriage. Does that make me a bad person? I certainly don't think so.

I respect everybody's religious veiws. Most of my family is christian- this song is cute and sweet, and I LOVE Superchick, they're so great!- but some of the comments are pretty offensive to people who haven't waited. If you don't want people to be rude about your choices in life, don't be rude about other people's choices in life.

just saying. | Reviewer: Isobella | 9/11/09

I grew up in church my entire life and was the biggest prude anyone would ever meet. I would flip out is someone cussed or even mentioned sex. even kissing, for that matter. after graduation I met a guy and we were engaged for two years. I gave him my virginity because I thought we'd be together forever. he started displaying violent tendencies so I left him. but since then, I've come to realize just how narrow minded I used to be. I'd become so consumed in my religious beliefs, that it actually repelled the non believers. if you want to effectively minister, you have to be willing to hear other people's opinions in a non judgemental way. just as you get aggravated when they flaunt their beliefs and bash yours, they too get offended when you do it to them. hear them out and offer your opinion. don't be pushy. its aggravating. they'll be more receptive to what you have to say if they believe you won't pass judgement upon them. for who are we, as christians, to judge? we, ourselves, have just as many sins as they do, though they may display themselves in different forms.

Multiple subject ranting | Reviewer: MadiK.I. | 8/23/09

I think this song has multiple meanings, one of which is that you don't need to be a slut to get attention. I make it my business to never wear revealing clothing, or make suggestive comments or anything, and I still have friends who care about me. This song points out that in today's ways, many women feel more and more insignificant, because of the idea that is put out that in order to find the perfect guy, you have to be like the ideal stick figures that starve themselves on the television. That's stupid. I rather agree that if you feel like your boyfriend would like you more if you slept with him, then you're not with the right guy.
Also, in today's world we have people losing faith and feeling like they can stand on their own two feet. I respect people's decisions, but even though I'm Non-denom. I still feel like I need Him in my life. Humans like to know we're not alone, that someone is there to catch us when we fall. I personally think that life should be less about us and more about others. Less people would hurt that way, though hurting is as human as loving. He gave us life, and I am so happy that he has not lost faith in us again. I pray he will never lose his faith in our kind, as much as i pray that we not lose complete faith in him. No matter what you believe, whether you believe in something or not, you have love, so you have Him. Keep loving, and Keep the Faith.

Rachel=) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/09

Hey for real tho. I agree and dont agree with the song, its good to stay pure before marriage, infact its a pluss, its just like what the bible saids, when a husband and wife go into each other they become one, and its the same way with having sex with someone that is not your husband, thats why its not good to have sex befor marriage, because its a soul tie, now for one of the comments, no its not a christian song, they minsshion about them self than God, in which its where gospel and christian music is at now, they talk more and more less about Jesus and God and they glorify them sel've with saying there names and not God or Jesus. we have to remember that this isnt about us, its about God,thats who we are in it for, not for are self or anyone els, only Jesus,I am 20 years old and im steel a virgin and proud of it, and im steel one because God aloud me to be, I didnt do this on my own, its the power of God thats helping me go this far, and I wouldnt want to do anything that I know would displease God, if I was on my own i wouldn't make it, and thats why barlow girls have made it that far them self. We cant do this alone thats why we have Jesus, and im just here to incorage all the teens to stay pure because thats a gift from God, its nothing wrong with staying that way until marriage,but most of all stay pure for God because it pleases him, you wouldn't want to miss out on the blessings that God has for you, and that a wounderful man of God that loves Jesus and would love you forever, you should never have to sail your self short to be popular,because being popular isnt all that any way. God bless.=)