Bark Bark Bark Albums

  • Haunts Album (5/22/2007)
    Brand New Shoes
    Some Time
    One Thing Stands
    New Kids On The Block
    I'm Needy
    Pluto Never Forget
    I Love You But I Don't
    How To Save A Whale
    Dead Ghost
    You Could Swim

  • Hott Summer Traxx Album (11/1/2006)
    All The Days Plans (featuring Michael Fay & Kate Hennessey)
    Brand New Shoes (Jacob Safari Mix)
    Circle Circle Dot Dot
    Did You Know I'm 100 Years Old?
    Half-Full (featuring Kaia Chesney)
    My Song Love (featuring Michael Fay & Ryan Chivera)
    Ridiculous Day (featuring Za-Za)
    After Hours (featuring Grace Claiborn)
    Womb Raider (featuring Milk:Blood)
    Peace Out Dudes

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