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Bark Bark Bark Biography

Last updated: 06/23/2007

Bark Bark Bark is a brand new band that has been around for a few years, if that makes sense.

Jacob Cooper formed 'the band' at the age of 16 because he "didn't want to be a singer-songwriter." He toured the US as the drummer for a band called The Harps when he was only 14, but after their disbandment Jacob has been Bark Bark Bark ever since.

On record, Bark Bark Bark (now at the grand old age of 20) is really all Jacob, with a few friends and special guests thrown in for good measure. When he hits the road touring (which, lucky for the USA, happens often) he becomes a live 3-piece with the addition of Michael Texxas and Johnnie The Black.

Bark Bark Bark's first
release 'Worst Dotted Line', was a self-released CD-r written and performed by Jacob and Michael in the summer of 2004, primarily synthesizer and sequencer-based, when performed live, it involved the duo playing instruments over pre-sequenced beats and samples.

Following a handful of CD-r releases on his self-owned Castle Of Sound music
label, Bark Bark Bark toured extensively round the US as a solo artist. With a lengthy history in several regional, west-coast and midwest tours it's no wonder Bark Bark Bark is a creative powerhouse who covers every aspect of being a self-proclaimed one-man act, as well as a full onslaught of a working band; in and out of the studio.

Bark Bark Bark is based in Tucson, AZ. They have played shows with many notable bands including Architecture In Helsinki, Ratatat, The Apes, XBXRX(Hawnay Troof), Barr, Of Montreal, I Am The World Trade Centre and Grand Buffet among others. The band also boast a Myspace fan/friend-base of nearly 20,000. They are more than ready to take the world by storm!