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Bardot Biography

Last updated: 07/10/2007 12:00:00 PM

Bardot was Australias first experiment with the channel 7 series POPSTARS.Are many tears and triumphs, Bardot is down to four, have new managment and a new look, but still managed to have top hits all around the world.

At the beginning of 2000, POPSTARS began. It became an Australian phenonaman. People all around Australia watched religiously to see who would make the final 5.
The judges selected 5 talented girls. They where:

Belinda Chapple
Sally P
Chantelle Barry
Katie Underwood and
Sophie Monk.

Does that name Chantelle Barry ring a bell? Many romours went around as to why the WA, Gosnells, gal decided to leave, from stealing money to her being a loner, but she left 2 weeks into the band and began to pursue a career in solo singing.

So then there where four. But POPSTARS just wouldn't have been the same if there where only four. So it was time to select on more girl.

We welcome into the picture: Tiffany Wood. The gorgeous girl from Melbourne fitted into the band and they began to reherse the First single, POISON.

Poison made it to number one in Australia, and their Album, BARDOT, to number 2.

They releases 3 singles in the time span of one year: POISON, I SHOULD'VE NEVER LET YOU GO and THESE DAYS.

But after a long silence, the red-head member Katie decided to leave. Her reason was to join the cast of the Broadway musical "HAIR". Sadley, HAIR was canceled only 1 week into ticket sales.

Bardot are set to release a new Album in Australia by the end of the year. Their new single, A.S.A.P looks exellent. It is sure to be a hit.