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Kathy Mar Barb's Song Lyrics

Last updated: 10/23/2003 10:21:02 PM

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You only know my music
And liked the things it told you
I had no like advantage
I had to etch and mold you
Out of sketchy bits of data
And random brief encounters
And now on reefs we can't avoid
A special friendship founders
And from this lesson I have come to know
There are some things I can't delay
To speak and share and show

Say "thank you" for each memory
That's added to your store
Say please when someone wants to stay
And share a little more
Say everything you need to now
Before it grows too late
Say "you're special" to the ones you care for
Say "I love you" if you dare
For they won't hear "I'm sorry" if you wait

You're going on a journey
And I will someday follow
I hope you know your passing
Will leave behind a hollow
In the lives of those who know you
Your memory will shine
And I'm proud to say that
Thoughts of you will live in hearts like mine
Let just this lesson that you've taught to me
Go out into the hearts of those who truly hear and see

Words and music: Kathy Mar

Copyright 1990 Kathy Mar

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