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Barathrum Biography

Last updated: 02/21/2003 09:51:42 PM

Barathrum started in early nineties, along with the, now-legendary, masters of dark metal, BEHERIT. During the years BARATHRUM recorded three albums for German Nazgul's Eyrie Productions with a totally low studio budget. Later when the company went bankrupt (not because of BARATHRUM, anyway...), the band were left without a deal for a couple of months. During early 1998 the band were featured on the EASTER HOLOCAUST tour in Finland, with Swedish COUNTESS and Finnish WIZZARD and BABYLON WHORES. The Easter Holocaust tour proved that the band had during the years improved into one helluva live act, and the deal with SPINEFARM was signed rightafter. The fourth BARATHRUM album, LEGIONS OF PERKELEwas recorded in March 1998 at TICO-TICO STUDIO, Kemi, Finland, and engineered by the already legendary Mr Ahti Kortelainen (SENTENCED, IMPALED NAZARENE, among hundreds of others). The sound on LEGIONS OF PERKELE is first time as it should have been on every BARATHRUM album, heavy and thundering, with the two (!!!) bass guitars playing riffs like many metal guitarist should learn to.

The 6th album was released summer 2000 and was titled Okkult. Evil genius Demonos sova has created his most twisted cd so far. As usual, Okkult is filled with demonic riffs and mind possesing lyrics. This time record was mixed and produced by Mikko Karmila, whom many of you know to be the guy behind the sound of Nightwish, Stratovarius, Children of Bodom and so many more!

Since Beast Dominator, the drummer on Saatana and Okkult left the band for concentrating with full power to his other projects - mainly Finntroll Demonos Sova had to find an equal replacement. And believe it or not, current drummer is better known from the band Waltari!!!

"Barathrum do not perform black metal, but rather an involved, well-constructed black rock.
Yes that is right, black rock."
-Metal Maniacs