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Banjo & Sullivan Biography

Last updated: 12/17/2005

Kentucky-born guitar ace Roy Sullivan was a Nashville session player in the '60s before teaming with Adam "Fingers" Banjo, a banjo picker from Mississippi. Their 1972 debut album, Two Silver Tongue Devils (Who Ain't Got A Clue), was followed by 1974's Wasted Banjos And Drunken Guitars. Sullivan then married Gloria Harrison, a respected studio singer, who joined the group on piano and backing vocals. In summer 1975, "I'm At Home Getting Hammered" hit #34 on the country chart and "She Didn't Like Me, But She Loved My Money" reached #23. In 1977, Banjo married backup singer Wendy Clark and she joined on backing vocals and tambourine.

The next year, while touring in support of the latest album Where The End Meets The Road and the single "Lord, Don't Let Me Die In A Cheap Motel," B&S checked into The Kahiki Palms Motel after a rousing run of gigs. While the exact details of the grisly crime are unknown, what is certain is that Gloria, Wendy and roadie Jimmy Cracker were murdered there by a group later dubbed as The Devil's Rejects. Roy and Adam were never found and were presumed dead.

Yet there was a happy ending to the story -- after the tragedy, sales of Where The End Meets The Road skyrocketed, selling more than 1,000,000 copies. Banjo & Sullivan are back and better than ever thanks to The Devil's Rejects.