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Just over one year ago, we released our debut EP "A Call To Arms" which brought us more attention than we honestly expected. Each CD case was handmade, to go hand in hand with our musical/ethical/aesthetic style, and therefore at times we fell behind in producing them fast enough to fulfill orders. As of this week, we've officially sold out of the last batch of BOTAR cds. With our busy lives, we just can't keep up with demand, as making each cd takes so long. We’ve kept a handful for personal use and keepsakes, but as of now there are no plans to make or sell any more copies of “A Call To Arms”. For those of you who have a copy, hang on to them. We appreciate your support and hopefully you will be able to add to your BOTAR cd collection soon (or not so soon, knowing us).

Most of us in the Bandits have used file-sharing programs such as Napster, Kazaa and Limewire for years now and it’d be hypocritical of us to try and stop the free distribution of our music. So, if you can’t beat ‘em (or don’t want to), join ‘em! The links below will lead you to the full versions of all the songs on our first CD, encoded at a high bit rate to ensure quality and a pleasant listening experience. Feel free to download them all (unless you already own the cd; there is absolutely no difference between the mp3s and the album versions so please don’t waste our bandwidth) and feel free to share them with whomever you feel might like the sounds we make. Actually, we encourage you to tell someone about the Bandits and tell them they can come here and download the entire EP free of charge. Go right ahead and put these mp3s in your shared folder for whatever file-sharing program you use. Share them with anyone who will listen!

If you enjoy the music and want to support our endeavors (we do everything from recording to merchandise production ourselves; what we can’t do we pay for with our own money (or college loans)) please feel free to buy a t-shirt or something. Thanks.

One more thing: For those of you that paid for the cd, please don’t be upset we’re now giving away what you paid for. Whatever you do, hang on to your cd booklet and sign up for our mailing list. That’s all we’ll say for now, but trust us, your support is appreciated and will be rewarded in a few months.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading. Please continue onto our sight for more info.

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What are you waiting for?! | Reviewer: Eddie | 5/6/2007

If you have not heard the gem that is B.O.T.A.R, you are missing out. Tom Kalnoky and his buddies,have great musical contributions to today's clogged mainstream of what people claim is "music." If you have not partaken in the orgy of musical and lyrical greatness, what are you waiting for?! Jump on it! Just keep some napkins nearby if and when your ears start oozing with goodness.
Keep up the good work Tom

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FUCKING GREAT | Reviewer: SKASKANK1 | 4/29/2007

Tomas k is an extremely talented song writer and insane on the guitar, a mastermind that has the ability to create extremly good music and awesome lyrics, the best of any ska band out there...the only small negative is repetion and alot of similiaties in lyrics, but that in no shape or way bruises the beatiful music that this bands plays FUCKIN A++++++++++++

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pure musical genius | Reviewer: t w | 5/26/2005

i seriously doubt their exists a better combination of lyrical mastermind and complete musical talent

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Incredible Band... | Reviewer: Skamurai | 7/10/2004

I'm sincerly surprised that this is the first review of this band... B.O.T.A.R is amazing. It shows that you don't need electricity, special effects, and loud speakers to make good music. All you need is skill, which these guys definitly have. I highly suggest you find these songs somehow. You won't be disappointed.

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