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Band Ohne Namen (B.O.N) Biography

Last updated: 04/27/2001 03:14:50 AM

There's a first time for everything...

...whether it's recording your debut album, or running around naked in front of some very frightened nuns. Guy Gross and Claus Capek are two 23-year olds who share a chaotic apartment in Berlin and a passion for music and girls. Together, they are b.o.n., short for band ohne namen ('band without name').

Guy and Claus won't be spending much time in their bachelor pad, now that
b.o.n.'s hit single "Boys" is being released all over Europe. It sold an
impressive 200,000 copies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The follow-up "Take My Heart" has surpassed that mark in Germany alone, where it has reached the certified gold status of 250,000 copies. This is the boys' fourth single on their home turf, having already infiltrated the top ten of the sales chart and VIVA's highest rotation list.

The aural sexiness of "Boys" is supported by an outrageous video showing Guy's adventures in a convent, where he finds himself wondering why girls never say what they want. Whether it's the nuns, the schoolgirls or b.o.n.'s irresistible melodies, Italy is clamouring for the boys to cross the Alps so they can perform live with their band and dancers on prime time TV. With "Boys" being played on radio stations all over the continent - and the European trade weekly "fono" running it as tip of the week - it looks like b.o.n.. will cross many more borders in the months to come.