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Seattle, WA's Band of Horses plays dense, aching mid-tempo
indie rock reminiscent of Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Formed
in 2004 by multi-instrumentalists Ben Bridwell and Matthew
Brooke out of the ashes of former incarnation Carissa's
Wierd, the group caught the attention of Sub Pop during a
show with friends and future lablemates Iron & Wine. The
label signed the newly minted outfit in 2005 and
re-released their self-titled EP. Their full-length debut,
Everything All the Time, arrived in March of 2006. Four
months later, while touring More...

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Review about Band Of Horses songs
kackie68 | Reviewer: kath
    ------ About the song The Funeral performed by Band Of Horses

I feel I can relate to this song in my OWN way regarding my family. Being the last and very late coming of five children, I feel and always have like I was resented my some for even being born, maybe taking the place of one being the youngest for so long and being born was my biggest sin for her, and coming in so late, I was never part of all the memories that they made early on, never felt part of much. They all had a year or two between them and seems like I am the outsider. Since I helped both my parents pass on over the last two years, most recently my dad, just a month ago, I have been tossed out, forgotten, in some cases, abused, backstabbed, etc. by all of them except one brother, who I love dearly. I feel alone and more than depressed and wonder if it would make them happy if I were to die. I find this song to be comforting to myself, as the lyrics really ring true to MY feelings, even though they mean something entirely different to the writer. I am just thankful I have it to listen to when trying to figure out how to deal with my pain that hurts to the core, when all I ever did was be born...............

Song meaning for me | Reviewer: Stephanie
    ------ About the song The First Song performed by Band Of Horses

I always felt like the winter was the most lonely season, where you feel like you need the warmth of others more. The first 11 years of my life were spent with an alcoholic father, on my 13th Christmas my mom had remarried...That was the worst Christmas.
Everyone was drinking and arguing, my sisters and i ran off with some neighbors and got drunk on a school bus. My new stepdad drank all night and when we woke up in the morning he was passed out on the couch and hadn't wrapped any of the presents. All the people calling to wish us Merry Christmas felt forced, no one knew us like we were.
I know no one cares deeply, but i love reading peoples responses of how they can relate to the message. This song made me feel that Christmas again, 7 years later.

brain song | Reviewer: pianist 163
    ------ About the song The Funeral performed by Band Of Horses

Listen to the song, let all thoughts go out of your head, I gaurentee that when the song ends u will either be crying or have tears in your eyes, your brain is a wonderful tool when listening to music like this, this is a beautiful piece. Your thoughts will take you places. U just need to know how to do it.

Mine | Reviewer: marqus
    ------ About the song The Funeral performed by Band Of Horses

the only thought on my mind when I am listening to this song , is "am waiting for my funeral , and Maybe If that day comes , people that I love will Understand the goodness of my wrongness " .. maybe someday they will without me dying .

Beautiful | Reviewer: Rose Fuentes
    ------ About the song Part One performed by Band Of Horses

The melodic disposition of this song highlights a feeling of romanticism, i absolutely love this band... being in high school, people usually go "mainstream", generally with whats on the radio, but i truly do love this talented group. Most of my friends aren't interested, and I don't blame them for not understanding but, this song will be my all time favorite...

Kicks Ass! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Great Salt Lake performed by Band Of Horses

This album is top notch if you are just getting to know Band of Horses. My favorite tracks on this album besides this one are "we go to the barn because we love the lyrics" and "the funeral". There newer album is really good as well. Check them out if you haven't. They are a band that anyone would enjoy. Patrick, St Augustine FL

amazing. | Reviewer: tay tay
    ------ About the song Our Swords performed by Band Of Horses

ah, i love this song!
in fact, i love every song by band of horses, they're simply amazing!
i could never get sick of them.

my favourite of there's would be The Funeral St Augustine - or something along those lines, haha.

keep it up, band of horses!

Beautiful | Reviewer: Jess
    ------ About the song The Funeral performed by Band Of Horses

This song is really beautiful. It's one of my favorites. Although the lyrics are sad, it just makes me respect Band of Horses, because it shows that unlike others they put thought into their lyrics.

It's a song by the New Year | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The End's Not Near performed by Band Of Horses

The song was written and first performed by the New Year. It is the "title track" off of the excellent album "The End is Near."

sweet | Reviewer: Barry
    ------ About the song The Funeral performed by Band Of Horses

Good power song, serious emotion in here. Drum work drives tune. A rare find.

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