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Balzac Biography

Last updated: 08/02/2007 12:00:00 PM


Balzac formed in 1992 in Osaka and began playing shows mainly around Osaka and Tokyo. They released their first single on their own label, `Evil Legend,` in 1993. Following this, through until 1995, they released 4 more singles through HG Fact and MCR, and 1 single through Omnibus.

  On 10th October 1995, Balzac released their first full length album, `Last Men On Earth` through Alchemy Records and due to their similarity to legendary American punk band, the Misfits, with their unique pop sound, horror movie image concept and so-called `Devil Rock` hairstyle, they gathered attention not only in Japan but also overseas.

  In 1996 Balzac went through a major member change then, in order to reach a wider audience, on 31st October 1997 they switched labels to Phalanx Records and released their second album, `Deep.` Following this, because of their energetic lives, Balzac were chosen to open for the Misfits' first tour of Japan, began playing at events such as Devilock Night, Mosh Boyz etc, played with the Mad Capsule Markets, and did a nationwide tour twice with Sobut, increasing their activity nationwide. On 31st October 1998, Balzac released their 3rd album, `13 Stairway,`which recorded good sales was then followed by their first one man tour of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, where at each venue they played to a sell out crowd.

  On 3rd March,1999, following a tour of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka with Husking Bee, Balzac released a spirit album with Sobut, entitled `Oldevils,` through Phalanx Records. In the same year on 31st October, they released a 4 song Maxi Single, `Into the Light of the 13 Dark Night,` which was followed by their first widespread national tour, which came to a successful end.

  In the first half of 2000 Balzac, in January, embarked on their second Japan tour as the Misfits' opening act, and over February and March did a nationawide tour as the Mad Capsule Markets' opening act. Then in April and May they released a limited 6,666 copies of their video `Taste of Fear` which was followed by a commemorative top to bottom tour of Japan.

In Augest 2000 the limited production of 2000 Balzac 12 inch figures by Medicom Toy Co. proved to be an unprecedented and widely talked about hit in the figure industry. Currently, in November, Medicom Toy Co., are collaborating with DIW Phalanx Records and are working on a surprise project for the single to be released from their next album.

In addition, at the end of 1999,in a style similar to the early stages of the Misfits Fiend Club, a fan club managed solely by members, `Balzac Fiendish Club,` was established. Unlike other bands, there are many collectors of Balzac merchandise and due to this Balzac mania many goods are specially offered to club members only. Plus on 31st October 2000, the first Balzac official shop, `Shocker,` was opened in Osaka.

In the closing month of the 20th century, on 1st December, Balzac will release their long awaited 4th album `Zennou Naru Musuu No ME ha Shi Wo Yubi Sasu.` To commemorate the release, Balzac will stage a 28 venue, nationwide tour from January to April, 2001.