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Johnny Cash Ballad Of The Green Beret Lyrics

Last updated: 03/10/2008 11:00:00 AM

Fighting soldiers from the sky,
Fearless men, Who jump and die.
Men who mean, Just what they say.
The brave men, Of the Green Beret

Silver wings upon their chest,
These are men, America's best.
One Hundred men Will test today,
But only three, Win the Green Beret.

Trained to live off nature's land,
Trained in combat, hand to hand.
Men who fight by night and day,
Courage pique, From the Green Beret.

Silver wings Upon their chest,
These are men, America's best.
One hundred men will test today,
But only three win the green beret

Back at home a young wife waits,
Her Green Beret has met his fate.
he has died for those oppressed,
Leaving her his last request

Put silver wings On my son's chest,
Make him one of America's best.
He'll be a man they'll test one day.
Have him win, the Green Beret.

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I remember | Reviewer: USAF Dependent | 3/8/2008

Yes this song was recorded by Johnny Cash. I remember the album being played in our home whe I was young. If I remember correctly the album was all war/soldier songs. The famous hit Ira Hayes "the whiskey drinking Indian called the Marine that went to war", about the alcoholic Indian / war hero was also on that album. Johnny Cash was dressed in American Indian style on the album Cover. It was a great and moving album. A wonderful tribute to the American soldiers at a time when there was alot of negative controversy over the Vietnam war.

Artist's name | Reviewer: Dave | 7/30/2007

Your lyrics are spot on but the original artist is Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler. I wish Johnny Cash did a version but if he did I can't find it anywhere. Anyway, I only responded because there was a handy link right next to the lyrics. I didn't go out of my way to nitpick. Take care.