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B4-4 Ball and Chain Lyrics

Last updated: 11/15/2001 10:23:38 PM

I just wanna be your ball and chain
Wrapped around your finger
Locked up, tie me down
Follow you forever
Never let you get away
Holding on like a ball and chain

I never wanted to stay
In one place to long
Oh no, not me, I didn't wanna be
A victim of that fatal touch
When you want someone too much but
You, you'll be the end of me

And I don't want to run anymore


I tried my best to avoid
Making promises
Oh, no, not me, i didn't wanna be a prisinor of that tender trap
When there's no turning back but
You, you got me on my knees

And I won't be afraid anymore

CHORUS: (x3)

I can't belive i'm holding on... (x2)

I wanna be your ball and chain...

I can't belive i'm holding on...