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Siento algo que me mueve
Un ritmo que me hace bailar
Tomen todos su parejas
Todos vamos a gozar

Baila, baila esta cumbia
Mueve, mueve la cintura
Todos, las manos en alto
Y griten, griten con locura

Baila, baila esta cumbia
Un ritmo, ritmo sin igual
Nadie se quede sentado
Todos vamos a bailar

(Repite todo)

Baila, baila esta cumbia
Un ritmo, ritmo sin igual
Nadie se quede sentado
Todos vamos a bailar

Baila, baila esta cumbia
Un ritmo, ritmo sin igual
Nadie se quede sentado
Todos vamos a bailar

Baila, baila esta cumbia
Un ritmo, ritmo sin igual
Nadie se quede sentado
Todos vamos a bailar

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i love selena | Reviewer: hazel fe m lacay | 3/28/14

i love selena cause her songs reminds me when she was alive. when i hear her songs it is so beautiful .she is realy a good singer tome . because selena is my favorite singer of all time i love selena ever .selena i wish you were her . i love you

Selena Quintanilla Perez | Reviewer: Diana | 5/12/13

I still remember Selena through all these years _ I still have her music with me when I'm happy or sad whatever it is the songs still make me better & still live on . You were to beautiful to die . . . You had your husband and planing lots of stuff for the future and a big tragedy had to happen . REST IN PIECE Selena Quintanilla Perez ♥ . Hopefully your family is doing alright and friends _ even though it happen years ago , you know they will always miss and it was like if you were here yesterday ;[ . . . Love You Selena :] & when I have a daughter I also want to name her Selena for you :] . Una Reina En El Cielo Selena Quintanilla Perez ♡ :]

Queen of Tejano Selena Quintanilla | Reviewer: Clarissa | 7/4/10

Selena Quintanilla Perez is my idol i look up to her the 1st time i heard her was when i was watching the Selena movie it was great,and sad Baila esta Cumbia was great and i was brushing the selena doll when she had the purple outfit,and i remember me crying alot when she died,and i was really small i still remember her and have her music on cds she will never be forgotten she is the Queen Of Tejano Selena

Native Pride Lovin Tejano Star | Reviewer: Julia | 5/21/10

I Love her. The first time i ever heard of her was in the movie Selena. I heard JLo singing her songs and they sounded good but i wanted to hear the real deal... I fell in Love with her music instantly. I haven't heard many of her songs but the ones i have heard are really good and I love them. I'm native american who is in love with a Mexican-American Female Tejano singer and, goddamn it, I am proud. She was Soooo talented. Bad things happen to GOOD people... wish that wasn't true but... i guess it is... :( SELENA MORE THAN A DECADE AFTER YOU DIED PEOPLE STILL LOVE YOUR MUSIC... WE ALL LOVE AND ADORE YOU.

In Loving Memory Of A Shining Star:R.I.P. Selena | Reviewer: justine | 4/9/10

selena was one of the greatest tejano music singers there ever was, I grew up listening to her music and I absolutely adore her..the only sad thing about her career was that it ended too soon,I was so heartbroken when I found out about what happened,all because of jealousy from someone that she trusted and called a friend..she worked hard for everything and she earned it,she's the perfect example for kids,she showed us that when you have a dream and the courage to believe you can accomplish it she was a truly beautiful person that put others before herself,and she will never be in peace selena,know that you will always be loved and never forgotten,you continue to make us smile you beautiful angel....

Selena R.I.P | Reviewer: Alma | 2/18/10

Selena what canwe say well firs of all she is the worlds greatest singer and baila eta cmbia a greatsong especially when selena sings it and i say that from watching people on televison try to imitate her its just sahow some people can do that to selena she is a wonderful singer don;t mess with her let her be in peace

I love Selena.. | Reviewer: Chelsey Steinhauer | 9/9/08

I love Selena cause when I first heard her sing I
was just like "WOW!!! shes a really good singer" and
when I was finished watching the movie I you know
and I loved the way she danced to and sang and how beautiful
she looked in the movie. I just can't beilved she the whole
world loved her and why did whats her face have to kill her...mann..well
Selena I just wished you were here...LOVE.

i luv this song s | Reviewer: mandi | 3/20/07

selena is the best i love all of her songs this is just one of my favorit

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