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The Beatles Bad To Me Lyrics

Last updated: 11/30/2011 10:00:00 AM

If you ever leave me, I'll be sad and blue
Don't you ever leave me, I'm so in love with you
The birds in the sky would be sad and lonely,
If they knew that I lost my one and only,
They'd be sad if you're bad to me
The leaves on the trees would be softly sighin'
If they heard from the breeze that you left me cryin',
They'd be sad, don't be bad to me
But I know you won't leave me 'cos you told me so,
And I've no intention of letting you go,
Just as long as you let me know, you won't be bad to me
So the birds in the sky won't be sad and lonely,
'Cos they know that I got my one and only
They'd be glad that you're not bad to me
They'd be glad that you're not bad to me, to me, to me

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the october cherries/jade and peppers | Reviewer: widya | 11/30/11

actually the beatles is the best group,it has given me much inspiration in my music.but if you want to help me to look for lyric from singapore group band,don't tell it to jane and coffee toffee square from the october cherries or jade and pepper

Buddy's Review of "Bad To Me" | Reviewer: Buddy | 7/23/08

I have been a long time fan of the Beatles and I just discovered this lost gem recently. It is indeed a wonderful song full of love and it is indeed full of magic, you can tell right away after listening to the first few verses of the song. Even though the Beatles did not made an official recording, another band covered this song called Billy J Kramer & the Dakotas which was released in 1963. But if you are interested to hear the Beatles version of this song go look for the album called "Beatles Relics: Building Jerusalem"

One Great Tune | Reviewer: Rick | 2/18/08

This is such a great tune, it is a shame The Beatles never recorded it! It features the same magic as all of the other Lennon/McCartney tunes and really has the Spirit of Love behind it. This one song is reason enough to buy an album featuring it.