Bad Religion Lyrics

Greg Graffin - vocals
Greg Hetson - guitar
Brett Gurewitz - guitar
Brian Baker - guitar
Jay Bentley - bass
Brooks Wackerman - drums

The music has the furious beat and driving buzz saw guitars
of classic punk rock, but when a vocal chorus cuts in, it
is surprisingly harmonious and emotionally evocative,
reminiscent of The Beatles or The Everly Brothers.

This is a sonic contradiction that works to stunning
effect. It is also a sound that has come to define one of
the world’s most original rock bands, BAD RELIGION. To call
BAD More...

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Review about Bad Religion songs
Intensely emotional Bad Religion song | Reviewer: Doug
    ------ About the song Marked performed by Bad Religion

This is my favorite Bad Religion song and, in my opinion, their most emotionally evocative song. Maybe it's because I suffer from depression and a sometimes overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. This song is fast, melodic, and some of the best of what the "introspective" Bad Religion has to offer.

michael, an advocate | Reviewer: mike
    ------ About the song Drastic Actions performed by Bad Religion

my complitments for thanks for this song abound, my review redundant for id rather hear the song and the sound. (I welcome my grammer defficiant, for evolution and blah blah.) some will hate, some will negate, and others hopefully anticipate (like me) an artist's fate, of what it's like to hear an origanall take in a song that ...

fuck ms | Reviewer: abi fan
    ------ About the song Punk Rock Song performed by Bad Religion

ms you are such a tool learn to let go and live its people like you I want to punch in the ovaries you kill creative types from living go run for congress or something and eat a bag of syphilis dicks abi you're gold

? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song God's Love performed by Bad Religion

If God is all powerful, and capable of creating and taking life, then wouldn't he be able to just better our behavior? After all, if he created us, then he created our sinful ways too, so technically God is a genocidal maniac who wants to kill for faults he cast upon us. No?

Love is not abstention of murder | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song God's Love performed by Bad Religion

What right does your nonexistent god have to murder the entire human race for the sinful actions of some. If he is all powerful why must his only Son die to rescue us? Bullshit. Love is not the abstention of murder. If God he existed he'd be a psychopath.

So true | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song No Direction performed by Bad Religion

This song was written in the 90's, but it seems like it gets truer as time goes by. In school, I look and see that everyone is exactly the same. Haha that's why I love Bad Religion. They're some of the few people who actually say something about it.

irony | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Them And Us performed by Bad Religion

in an ironic turn of events when I opened this page to read lyrics a song from one of my favorite bands there was a scientology advertisment at the top of the lyrics. Lyrics for a bad religion song that discusses the creation of fictional differences between people.....I wonder how Bad Religion would feel about this?

Nope | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Infected performed by Bad Religion

In some sad way I guess it's good that people are discovering punk rock even if via some cheesy video game. "How can hell be any worse?" if they'd only known... P.S. Bad religion, punk rock, skateboarding, etc. existed before guitar hero, xbox, MTV, playlists, and all the other nonsense on these messages. Punk still sounds better on vinyl. Get off the computer & go support your local scene, or create one.

this song is wrong.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song God's Love performed by Bad Religion

because god shows his love in many ways this guy whos singing just does not see it. 1 way he showed his love he was gonna eliminate us because of our sinful ways. But he didnt he sacrificed his son and gave us new life through his painful death.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Alexander
    ------ About the song Los Angeles Is Burning performed by Bad Religion

This song is easily of BR's best, both musically and lyrically: furious drums, punk chords, wonderful melody and serious meaningful lyrics - Greg G does not usually write this type of songs, only Mr. Brett somehow manages to create 'em. You can arrange it on the piano - it'll be great, sing it with a choir - nice and easy, play it like fast-paced punk-song - there it is, all in one. To my mind, LA is burning, Skyscraper and Walk Away are BR's finest, no You's and American Jesuses can ever match them.

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